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Amber Alert from Texas: Elizabeth Rex Found

UPDATE:  Elizabeth was found at a trailer park in Harlingen.  According to the parents, who talked to My Fox Houston, Johnson was a friend who needed a place to stay, so they took him in. They told him to leave after they suspected he may have been having a physical relationship with Elizabeth.  Why they didn’t report it to the police I do not know.

Elizabeth went missing after telling her parents she was going to the mail box.  Now her parents, Jennifer Black and Patrick Rex, believe she may have left to meet up with Johnson, who they later found gave Elizabeth a cell phone so they could communicate.

“Maybe she thought she would just be gone for a couple hours and he would bring her back,” Elizabeth’s mother, Jennifer Black said. “Obviously that’s not what his intentions were.”

When they went to her room they found a phone number and called it and Elizabeth answered, Patrick told FOX 26.

“I called that number. Lizzy answered.  I asked, Where you at?  Then the phone went dead like someone snatched it out of her hand or she hung up.”

A few hours later they received a phone call and the “person” said, “You’ll never see Lizzy again.  I’ve got her and where we are going you can’t get across the checkpoint because you don’t have an id. Come get me.”

The police traced Johnson’s cell phone and it led to his arrest and Elizabeth’s recovery.
Elizabeth was returned home but her father was not allowed to meet her because Johnson accused him of of unknown inappropriate behavior around Elizabeth which I guess he must have thought gave him justification to take her.  CPS has to do an investigation before he is allowed to see her again.  Patrick was not concerned and knew he would be cleared.
Previous story: The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says Johnson was taken into custody for a kidnapping warrant that was issued for the abduction of Elizabeth Rex.

An Amber Alert was issued for Elizabeth Rex, 14 from Magnolia Texas  in Montgomery County.  Elizabeth has  Down syndrome and is also autistic and has a pre-development disorder.

Law enforcement officials believe the girl is in grave or immediate danger.

Police are looking for 51-year-old Randy Johnson in connection with her disappearance. Authorities do not have a vehicle description.

Elizabeth Rex
Sex: Female
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Weight: 113 pounds
Description: The child was last seen wearing black pants, gray tank top, red jacket, and gray tennis shoes.
Randy Johnson
Sex: Male
Skin: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 135 pound

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  1. Who is Johnson to Rex? Why did he take her? Was she taken care of or abused? How does she seem? Did her mental condition help her survive? Was she alive when they found her? OMG! Actually finish the story please.

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