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David Reyes: Musician missing from Miami Found


UPDATE:  4/23/14 – Reyes was was recovered in Jacksonville on Wednesday, according to Miami Beach Police.  NBC Miami reported he was taken into custody in Jacksonville for providing a false name of David Adams, which frankly seems a little odd to me.  If he gave them a wrong name, so as to remain missing, I don’t see how that would be enough to get him arrested.  Maybe more will come out on this case, in a few days.

Jorge “David” Reyes, 24, is missing from Miami, Florida.  He was seen around 3 a.m. on April 7 at the Lost Weekend club.  Surveillance video shows Jorge leaving with his friend, Estuardo Secaida.  Later he told his friend he was going to get a tattoo and has not been seen since.

Jorge is a musician and is very social and it is unusual for him to not be in contact with his family.

He was reported missing on April 17 by his sister.  His cell phone was found a few days later at the bar he was last at.

Jorge had recently broken up with his girlfriend and had lost his job and the family frankly told NBC 6 that he had “started using alcohol and drugs.”

Gilliam Jax posted that she saw him at OneSpark in Jacksonville.

•  “Saw him last saturday at OneSpark in Downtown Jacksonville. He was in the same metro mover as me and some friends at around 2am. We got to know him after a dance session in the mover and he referred to himself as Ark. Seemed like a cool dude, but given that it was 2am in downtown Jacksonville we were all a little sketched out when asked if he could crash with us. He said he had nowhere to go for the night, but was on his way to Coachella. Hope this helps.”

Jorge was wearing green Oakley shirt, beige shorts and flip flops.  He is 6’2″ tall and 200 pounds.

If you have any information about Jorge, please call the Miami Beach Police at 305-673-7945.

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