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NamUs asks for help with the oldest missing case and the disappearance of a woman and two children from Texas

Marvin Clark was married, but no one is sure who is wife was.

This morning I read about four old missing person cases that are very interesting.  One is the oldest case on the NamUs website another is a woman missing since the 50’s and two children, 3 and 1, that have been missing since the 50’s.  Take a few minutes to look at these cases, as NamUs is looking for any relatives of the missing people that could help them solve the mystery.


An Oregon marshal that was riding in a stage coach in 1920 and then disappeared is the oldest missing person case reported on the NamUs database.  The National Missing and Unidentified Persons Systems (NamUs) website offers the public a way to search for unidentified and missing persons.

Chron news talked with BJ Spamer, director of training and analysis for NamUs and said that Marvin Clark, who lived in Linton was on his way to the doctor in June 1920 on a stagecoach when he went missing.

Both Myrisha Campbell and her baby
brother disappeared

“Unfortunately we don’t know what happened to Marvin–if he left of his own accord or something happened to him,” said Spamer.

Marvin was in poor health and “he was apparently depressed over his health problems and had suffered a CVA and walked with a limp, sometimes using a cane,” explained the NamUs database circumstances.

NamUs also operates a DNA laboratory where family’s of the missing can submit DNA samples to see if there is a match.  That is what investigators are trying to do with the Clark case.

A.J. Campbell had two clubbed thumbs

So far, they have been able to find two great-great-grandchildren on the paternal side, but are still searching for someone on the maternal side. 

And how did Clark end up in the system if they are searching for his family?  A woman in Oregon who is an avid user added his name, which the public can also do.

Floradean Walker has red hair and was left-handed

Spamer also said that there are two more cases that they are trying to find more information on.  One is for Floradean Walker from Hext, Texas that disappeared in 1951 and two children, Myrisha Campbell, 3, and A.J. Campbell, 1, who went missing in 1958 from Goliad. 

If you have any information about any of these cases, please contact NamUs at 855-626-7600 or visit their website.

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