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Dylan Redwine’s father arrested or not?

 There is a rumor floating around social media that Mark Redwine the father of Dylan Redwine who went missing in 2012 and his remains were found in June 2013 on Middle Mountain, had been taken into custody by the Denver Police. 

Law enforcement authorities in Denver and La Plata County are stated that those reports are not true and that he was actually taken to the hospital.

The police did respond to a 911 call that came from a friend of Mark’s around 2:30 Saturday morning who asked for a welfare check on Mark, according to the Durango Herald.  The call said that Mark thought the police were following him.  The police found Mark at Ellsworth Avenue and Fox Street and they stated he was “disoriented” and armed and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. 

Melissa Blasius of KUSA elaborated on the story and reported that Mark stated that he thought the police were surrounding him and going to arrest him for the death of Dylan.  When the police responded they found NO weapon on Mark, but he did have two guns in his truck. 

Mark told KUSA that he had been released from the hospital and that he was “experiencing some paranoia”‘  He attributed it to feeling “stalked by haters, monitored by police and self-medicating.”

Interview between Mark Redwine and Melissa Blasius from KUSA in Feb. 2013

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