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Shirley Dermond: Found in Georgia Lake, husband found decapitated in garage

Shirley Dermond
UPDATE April 2016 –  The Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills are still searching for who killed Shirley Dermond and Russell Dermond, reports the Telegraph.  Sills wanted the killer to know,  “Don’t for a second think we are not pursuing you.”  Sills also released information that Shirley was weighed down by a pair of 30-pound concrete blocks and her body surfaced facedown about five miles for her home near Wallace Dam, which is information that has not been released before.

UPDATE: The body of missing Shirley Dermond was found by some fisherman near a dam on Friday.   The authorities are looking in the lake for her husband’s head.  Shirley died from blunt force trauma from a blow to her head, reports the meda.  The police still do not know why the couple were killed.

Original story – May 6, 2014:

The police are searching for a woman who is missing after they found her husband beheaded in the garage of their Georgia home.

On Thursday, County Coroner Gary McElhenney told WMAZ-TV that Russell had been decapitated sometime between Friday and Sunday.

Shirley Dermond, 87, could not be found after the police were called when friends found her husband, Russell Dermond dead in the garage in their home in the Great Waters Community  on Lake Oconee on Carolyn Drive in Putman.

Both vehicles are at the home and nothing in the home looked disturbed and right now it is a mystery as to why Russell was killed and Shirley is missing.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills did not think it was a random or isolated case, and there is speculation that someone got to their home from the lake as the couple lived in a gated community, but I am wondering if the person may have done work for them in the past.  Maybe a handyman that fixed something in their home.  Could the person been living at the home, maybe in the garage area while he did handyman work around the home?

Whether Shirley could have killed her husband has been refuted as the police stated that Russell’s body had been moved and they don’t believe Shirley would have been able to do that.  Plus, no personal effects were taken from the house, reported USA Today.

“We still approach this as if she’s been abducted and we pray that she is alive, but we don’t know anything about where Ms. Dermond is,” Sills told CBS News.

The Dermond’s moved to the area about 12 years ago and owned a chain of fast food restaurants.

Shirley Dermond is described as 5 feet 2 inches tall and 148 pounds. She has gray hair and blue eyes.

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