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Identity of person who posted Craigslist ad about the McStay Isuzu trooper comes forward

I have done many stories on the McStay family.  Go to the search on top of this website and type in McStay and you can read all the articles I have written on the case.

If you are having trouble understanding this article below, then I suggest you go to the links and read the articles that I posted before this one.  That way the below article will make more sense if you read the backstory.  In the event that still doesn’t work for you, then leave a comment below, and I will clarify as much as I can, but you may still feel dissatisfied as there is not anymore than I can say because by doing so would put the person in jeopardy.  

Back on November 2013, I wrote an article about the Craigslist ad that was posted asking for information from anyone who saw a Isuzu Trooper in the high desert.

In an article I wrote January 2013,  where many were pointed their fingers that Rick Baker was the one that posted the ad, I stated I did not believe he is the one responsible, but did also ask, who was?

In April 2014, I got my answer.  I found out who was the person that posted that ad as they contacted me and asked to meet.

I am not going to reveal who that person is. I respect they want to remain anonymous and I will not reveal their identity.

We chose a mutual spot in a public place to speak.  I did not know the person, but they knew me from my photo, so I waited for them to approach me.  They were prompt and showed up shortly after I did.

During our meeting they told me they knew who was the person that had the “hoax” car they spoke about in the ad.  They stated they had actually seen the car and was told by that person they had purchased it from someone, but were not told who.  They felt the person had purchased the car because it looked like the McStay’s car and had put car seats in the back to add to the hoax.  They believed that the person bought this car to do this hoax and drive it around.

In my November 2013 article, I brought up that I was wondering if the car was actually someone driving the Isuzu away from the scene of the crime.

I know now, it was not.  It is my personal belief that this “hoax” car was not, nor never was, tied to the McStay’s in anyway, and if you believed in the past it had some bearing on the case you can eliminate that thought.

I do not believe a look alike Isuzu Trooper was ever used to perpetuate a hoax or used to pretend to be the McStay’s driving around, as the poster of the Craigslist believes.

But, I do wonder how the poster picked the area that this vehicle was reportedly seen.  Remember the ad was written in Jan. 2013 and stated the Trooper was in the high desert area, which turned out to be the same area where the McStay family was found buried 10 months later; approximately 170 miles in the opposite direction than where the police said they were last seen in that infamous border video. 

Where is the High Desert area in California?  According to Wikipedia, “The major metropolitan centers in the region are primarily centered on the cities of Lancaster and Victorville. Lancaster, the largest city in the High Desert, is located in the Antelope Valley, with Palmdale, and anchors the area’s largest and most populous region with a metro area of just over 500,000. The Victor Valley area, which includes such areas as Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, Apple Valley, and Lucerne Vall.”

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  1. Yeah because the vehicle was found in an impound. Did they find out what happened to this family is what I would like to know? Their poor families.

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