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Larry Baker: Brother asks for donations to help him dig for his brother

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This story was written in June 2014 about donations to help dig for Larry.  As of March 2015, the dig was finally done.

On March 18, 2015 a search was done with a backhoe for Larry Baker. Reported by the Cleveland Advocate:  “searchers returned to Baker’s old property and renewed the search once again, but their efforts were fruitless with nothing found to advance the investigation. This time, Texas EquuSearch Director Tim Miller and his volunteers, Shar Wofford and Mike Joy, made arrangements for a ground-penetrating radar unit to check for signs of disturbed soil. The radar can differentiate between the layers of soil that have been dormant for years and those that have been moved or upturned. One of the areas checked was a location referred to as a “concerned site” near the tree line.
“Although the radar did pick up indication of soil disturbance, after digging with a backhoe, Mr. Miller found only tires, scrap iron for the first four feet and then undisturbed virgin soil below that down to a depth of approximately seven feet,” said DeFoor.  “Attention was then turned to a small pond where EquuSearch used a side-scan sonar unit in an effort to detect a camper trailer or any other parts of a camper on the pond’s bottom. No such objects were indicated from the sonar. However, to further assure the pond was clear of any debris or items that could cover human remains, the pond was completely drained over a 10-hour time frame and the bottom scooped up by the back hoe, but again nothing was found as the pond was completely clear of any debris and no human remains were found after digging out the bottom of the pond,” DeFoor went on to say. Investigators also swept the property once again to look for any shred of evidence in Baker’s disappearance. At noon, Wednesday, March 18, the three-day search ended. The sheriff’s office says the case is not closed but is on hold until reliable and confirmed leads can be found and developed by investigators.

As some of you know, I have known Jerry Kinner for several years after I posted about his brother Larry “Jake” Richard Baker who disappeared from Cleveland, Texas in Jan. 2010.

Jerry has never stopped searching for his brother and he actually believes he has found him, from all the tips he has received over the years.  But regardless, he is getting not much help from law enforcement.

I have updated his story through the years and Larry is one of the Missing Texas Forty.  You only have to read some of my articles or go to Larry’s Facebook page to know everything, but the latest is that another cadaver dog has hit on the area where a different cadaver dog had hit before. Click here to see the location.

This area is a hole which is filled with water on some property where Larry lived.

The sheriff’s office has told Jerry they have no money to drain or dig up the area, even though he checks back time to time, the sheriff’s office always tells him the same thing.

Most people wish for a new car, a new suit, even a new pair of shoes, but Jerry does not wish for those things, he wishes to have enough money to drain a hole, that two cadaver dogs have hit on, so he can finally find his brother.

So I am asking you to show him your support.  Jerry has been wondering for 4 years where his brother is and he wishes everyday that he could find him, even if it means he is in that dark watery hole and put him to rest, finally.

Jerry has received donations that were made to the First Priority Search team that will organize the digging and draining of the water hole, but they are still short money to start.   Show Jerry your support even if it is just $1.00.  One dollar from 1200 people will get that hole dug.

Whether it be in the name of a missing loved one or to simple to show support to another human being, please donate to Jerry’s fund.
Just click here

Please like Larry’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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