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Over 125 submerged cars found in Houston Bayou

This car that belong to a missing person that went missing in the 70s was finally discovered after the water level went down in the lake.

In May, Tim Miller, the founder of Texas Equusearch went to the Houston Police Department to tell them they had discovered more that 125 cars submerged in a Houston waterways, while they were searching for a missing woman.

Miller thought for sure that the police would be interested in what they found, but instead he was told to keep quiet, he told the Chron.

“I went to the detective and said, we got a problem. We’ve found all these cars. He said, ‘You need to shut up, the city doesn’t have the money and the public will go crazy about this,'” said Miller.
Jerry Kinner who believes his own brother was buried in a watery hole got the same answer from the police when he asked them to search an area that two different cadaver dogs hit on.  Jerry has since asked for donations by the public so that he can hire someone to do the digging.  Read story here.

Miller believes that maybe there may be people in some of those cars and those people could have been reported missing.  Equusearch does not have the money to remove the cars, but he wants divers to get the license plate numbers and see if they are stolen.  He is taking his case to the City Council. 

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  1. This is bullcrap. They need to find the money to investigate all these vehicles. Does anyone realize how many missing people and cars might be there?! Our CHP in SoCal wants money to buy high end vehicles to patrol in- I'm sure some of the same crap goes on in Texas and they want to claim everyone should keep this quiet?!

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