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Rebecca Adams and her children missing from Alaska Found

UPDATE:  6/3/15 – The Kenai released a statement that said:  Brandon Jividen, 37, fatally shot his girlfriend, Rebecca Adams, 23, and her children, Michelle and Jaracca Hundley, before turning the gun on himself.

“The motive for the crime is less clear and for us to say exactly why it happened would only be speculative,” the department statement said.

UPDATE:  3/26/15 – The state’s medical examiner’s office positively identified  the remains of Rebecca Adams and her boyfriend Brandon Jividen according to a Kenai police statement.

Remains Found on Kenai Trail

UPDATE:  3/24/15 -A gun found with the bodies matches the serial number from a box found in the family’s home. Authorities are now saying they believe no other person was involved in the deaths, and it appears the four people died where they were found.  This would indicate a murder/suicide.

UPDATE 3/23/15 –  The Kenai police Lt. David Ross spoke to the media on Monday to announce that remain of four people and a dog were found about ½ miles away from the home of a family that has been missing since May 2014.

Although they still need to do DNA matching, Ross stated he was confident the remains were that of the missing family, Rebecca Adams, 23, her two daughters, Jaracca Hundley, 3, Michelle Hundley, 6, and Rebecca’s boyfriend, Brandon Jividen, 38, and their family dog, Sparks.

The search began on Saturday night when a man driving by saw clothing near a trail and called the police.

UPDATE:  3/22/15 – Remains have been found, along with clothing on Alpine Drive and Borgen Avenue in Kenai.  The police have not made a positive identification, but they believe that some of the items are related to the missing Adams family.

UPDATE 10/30/15:  The Kenai police chief says officers recently found a piece of outerwear in a wooded area near a couple of miles from where the family lived.  While police haven’t confirmed if the clothing belonged to the family, it is one of the few leads in the case.  Newscomau stated the clothing belong to one of the members of the family.

“It’s a piece of outerwear,” Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl told local media. “We’re still evaluating the significance of it, so I’m not going to be any more specific than that.”

Previous post:  Search and rescue teams are searching the wooded area near where the family lived in an apartment complex.  Relatives and friends and the community are coming together to spread the word they are missing.

For information has surfaced regarding this family.

  • Mother vanished with young daughters and boyfriend, an air force veteran and their family dog.
  • Breakfast left on table, wallets, keys, personal belongings left behind
  • Both vehicles left parked outside with one with both car seats
  • Biggest search in 20 years by state troopers, FBI, yields no clues
  • Police question fugitive grandmother over missing family
  • Grandmother caught with stolen guns, meth, sex offender boyfriend

This case is similar to the McStay family that went missing from their Fallbrook home several years back as they also left food sitting out, house project incomplete and their dogs in the patio without any food or water.  Their bodies were found in shallow graves in the desert near Victorville in 2013 and an employee that helped Joseph McStay with building waterfalls for the business, was arrested this year for their murder.

Jaramiah Hundley, the two girl’s father was killed in a Kenai motorcycle accident at the age of 23 on May 30, 2012.  Lisa Marie Hudley, the two girl’s grandmother was in a legal battle with Rebecca Adams over the estate of Jaramiah prior to the family’s disappearance.

Lisa M. Hundley and James P. Clarke were arraigned Tuesday in Superior Court in Kenai after being arrested earlier this month on drug charges in Fairbanks for numerous charges, including gun theft, sexually mistreating a 14-year-old girl and growing marijuana, reports the Fairbanks Daily News.

Hundley is currently living in Tennessee.  Many on social media have blamed Hundley for the family’s disappearance, because they believe she was fighting Rebecca over her son’s insurance money that Rebecca did or was going to receive.  Hundley reports on her Facebook page that she is innocent and had nothing to do with their disappearance.  Hundley was taken into custody by US Marshals and an Alaska State Trooper in June over drug charges from 2010.

Lanell Adams, Rebecca’s sister said that Rebecca called and cancelled a Skype call they planned to make on the 27th and hurriedly got off the phone.  Lanell called their mother Jeanine and asked her to check on Rebecca and she called back later and it seemed as though she was upset and crying but wouldn’t say what.  There is also surveillance footage of Rebecca driving Brandon’s black Chevrolet Colorado pick-up truck on the morning of May 25 in Kenai.

Although every volunteer and every available authority came out to search for the family no trace of them has been found.   The case has been turned over to the FBI.

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