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Missing Alaska plane and passengers found after missing over 60 years

Photo US Navy

A military transport plane that was carrying passengers  to Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage in 1952 has finally been found.

The C-124 Globemaster was believed to be traveling full speed when it crashed into Mount Gannett in inclement weather. 

The crash site was located a few days later, but the wreckage was “swallowed up by the movement of the glacier,” reported the Alaska Dispatch in 2013.

The wreckage was not found again until June 2012.  The glacier  shifted and pushed debris to the surface which was spotted by an Alaska National Guard helicopter.

Ground searchers found bones that were taken to a lab in Hawaii for analysis.   Over time more wreckage and remains were found.  On Wednesday the U.S. Army made a public announcement they would be releasing 17 of the identified remains to family members, reports the Alaska Dispatch.  Searchers are continuing their search for the remaining 34 missing passengers.

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