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Karen Sykes: Hiking author missing on Mt. Rainier Found

6/30/14 –  The body found on Mount Rainier was ID as Karens and the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s stated that she died from hyperthermia.

6/21/14 – Body found is likely Karen’s.  The body was discovered in rough terrain off the trail.   There are no reports of anyone else missing on the mountain, a park official said, so it is likely her.

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Karen Sykes went missing while hiking while researching a story on hiking.

Sykes has written for many online publications and newspapers about hiking and even wrote a book about hiking in western Washington.

Sykes went missing in Mount Rainier National Park on Friday when she reached 5,000 feet on the east side of the mountain.

Searchers, including a helicopter have been looking for her and are focusing on an 8-mile area near Owyhigh Lakes Trail.

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