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Marcin Gadkowski: Goes missing while traveling to Philly Found

UPDATE:  7/1/14 – A body was found June 30 at the New Brunswick train station, according to New Brunswick Today. The body was found about 11 a.m. in bushes between a Johnson & Johnson building and a staircase connecting George Street with the train platform.  Later his death was ruled suicide.

A website page for Marcin stated that Marcin’s body had been found.  

UPDATE:  6/30/14 – Marcin is still missing Gadkowski boarded a bus on June 22 from Old Bridge, NJ to a New Brunswick train station. At that point he was to take a train to Trenton, NJ which then would bring him to Philadelphia PA for his job in construction. His last phone contact was with his sister in which he told her that he was on the bus to New Brunswick. It is not known if he exited the bus in New Brunswick, nor if he boarded the train to Trenton, NJ. If you were on the train or on that bus, please contact the family and let them know any information.

Marcin Gadkowski went missing on June 22, 2014.  He was traveling from NJ to PA.  He took a train and disappeared enroute. 

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