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Danielle Bertolini: Missing from Fortuna Found

Danielle Bertolini

Missing Person California Danielle Bertolini

UPDATE 5/28/15 – :  Danielle Bertolini has been confirmed deceased after DNA confirmed the skull found on the banks of Eel River in Ferndale in March, is Danielle.

The skull found in Eel river a couple months ago has been confirmed by DNA that it is my daughter Danielle,” reads a message posted earlier this afternoon in the Help Find Sheila Franks and Danielle Bertolini Facebook group, which was set up by members of the two women’s families. “REST IN PEACE SWEET ANGEL”

Original story:  Danielle Bertolini, 23, went missing from Fortuna, Calif on Feb. 19. 2014.

Billie-Jo Dick of Plymouth, Maine said she last talked to her daughter on Jan. 29.

Danielle kept in contact with her mother and her sister Mariah that lives in Seattle.  When Mariah last talked with Mariah she was waiting for her to call her but she didn’t.  So Mariah kept calling the place where Danielle was staying at but no one answered.

“I thought it was kind of weird.  Like, even if she wasn’t there, a man would always answer the phone,” Mariah told the Bangor Daily news.

Billie-Jo said that Danielle went missing about the same time that Sheila Franks of Rio Del and Loleta, Calif. went missing in the Fortuna area.   Both women have blonde hair and blue eyes and are similar looking in appearance and build and knew the same people and were both seen with the same Fortuna man.

Police told the Bangor Daily news that they have talked with the man and they say he is cooperating and they have interviewed many people and followed tips in the attempt to locate Danielle and Sheila.

If you have information about Bertolini please call the police at 707-445-7251.

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