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Olivia Smith: Amber Alert for baby from Oklahoma Found

UPDATE 7/18/14 – Olivia has been found.

According to the police in Seminole, Texas, Cindy Findley and Jennifer Skousen had permission to transport Olivia.  The event began when Cindy and Jennifer went to Olivia’s grandmother’s house where Olivia was at and told the grandmother they had the paperwork to take Olivia and  Olivia’s mother, who is incarcerated, wanted the baby to be taken care of by the former step-mother.

The grandmother  did not know anything about any paperwork and she said that Cindy and Jennifer who are her sister-in-laws, took Olivia and left.

Kingfisher County Undersheriff stated that the paperwork the women had would not hold up in Oklahoma.

“This was orchestrated and we were deliberately fed misinformation by other family members, so the women (Cindy and Jennifer) could get to Texas with the baby where that paperwork may have held up.”

Evidently, Cindy and/or Jennifer called the Sheriff’s office a few days prior to ask if the paperwork was enough to take the baby and the Sheriff’s office said no.

Sid Findley, husband of Cindy Findley, issued the following statement:

“An Amber Alert was issued on Thursday, July 17 for the removal of five-month-old Olivia Smith from her relatives’ home in Cashion, Oklahoma.

“The facts are the following: my wife, Cindy Findley, and my sister-in-law Jennifer Skousen are concerned, first and foremost, about the safety of the five-month-old baby Olivia Smith. Olivia’s mother had signed legal documents authorizing the removal of the child. Baby Olivia was being taken out of a dangerous environment.

Unfortunately, a private family matter escalated because the accusing individual maliciously and falsely issued an Amber Alert and made misleading statements to the media in order to escalate the private family matter.

“We are happy Baby Olivia is now in safe hands and out of a dangerous environment. We appreciate everyone’s concern and respectfully ask to be able to keep this personal family matter private at this time. It is unfortunate that inaccurate and misleading remarks covered by the media have created false impressions of my wife and our family. We hope the public will take this into consideration and we thank you all for your understanding.”

I have not heard anything from the grandmother on whether Olivia was in an unsafe environment or not.  And the above is strictly Sid’s opinion.  I do not believe enough facts have come out in order to call the grandmother’s home a bad environment or not. 

Remember early on in the story the Amber Alert stated that Findley had a mental condition.  I don’t think the police would put that in an Amber Alert without some type of verification.

Charges may or may not be made against Cindy and or Jennifer, and will be decided by the DA. 

Previous Story:  Olivia Smith, 5-months-old from Cashion, Oklahoma is believed to have been taken by her great-aunt, 48-year-old Cindy Findley from Spring, Texas.  Cindy showed up at Olivia’s grandparents house unannounced on Thursday and took Olivia.  They may be in Kansas heading towards Utah.   Findley has a mental condition and made comments about having a vision of the child dying in two days.

Cindy could be driving a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe with Texas license plate BYZ-3364. The SUV has a black over brown color.

Smith is 2 feet and 1 inch tall weighing 13 pounds with blue eyes and brown hair. Findley has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes, she stands 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds

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