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Jeff Joseph: Missing in California

Jeff Joseph
UPDATE 12/4/16 – The Joseph family has begun a GoFundMe campaign. “We are happy to announce that Get Bit Investigations has taken his case on Pro Bono. We are so thankful for their generosity and assistance on this case. The purpose of this fund will be used to help pay for any travel & lodging expenses & we also may need supplies to aid in our search. We may need to hire a pilot and rent a plane as well as search dogs. No money raised will be used to pay any salaries of the Get Bit Investigations team. We are exhausting all efforts to find Jeff. Anything you can donate is greatly appreciated. Any excess or leftover funds not used in the investigation will go to a charity of the family’s choice or to Jeff’s favorite charity! Thank you for helping to bring Jeff home!”  You can donate by clicking here.  There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to Jeff.


Original story:  Family and friends of Jeff Joseph are asking help to locate him.  They have gone to the police but so far they have not gone to check his property.

Anyone in the area of where Jeff lives, please keep a look out for him.  Any leads or information about Jeff is valuable and the family can provide any tips to the police to move this case along.

Jeff was believed to have last been in Redding, Calif.  Please check out the car he is driving a green 1998 Toyota Rav 4 with Louisiana plates and call if you see it parked somewhere or driving down he road.

After visiting family in Los Angeles for a  few days,  Jeff headed up north.   We believe he got very close to his farm because his phone pinged in Hoopa on June 21st.

Family and friends of Jeff Joseph are asking help to locate him. They have gone to the police but so far have not  had anyone to check his property.

Anyone in the area of where Jeff went missing, please keep a look out for him. Any leads or information about Jeff is valuable and the family can provide any tips to the police to move this case along.

“We need leads and we need the sheriff’s office to get on board with helping us find him ASAP! They haven’t done much at all! I have enclosed links and the most updated information that we have regarding his disappearance.   Heck, they won’t even go to his farm and check the property in Northern California.  All we know is he was headed up North to his farm in Weitchpec and that he may have made a stop in Acata, CA  before heading to the farm.   We know that he did not make it to the farm.   This is extremely frustrating since we want the sheriff to check the property and they seem to be doing raids in the area.    We have been begging for weeks for them to go by and check the property.

Unfortunately, it could be related to the criminal element within the industry / region (Missing people all over the area) or it could have something to do with water supply and tribal areas.   We have no idea.  We want answers! We haven’t a clue  and getting Missing Persons of America to report our story may help with leads and answers.  We are beyond distraught as this point.”

Finally, the area was searched but there was no indication that he was there or had been there.  No neighbors saw him in the area.  The CHP did a flyover looking for his car along Klamath River between Cappell and Weitchpec but his car was not located, but they are not ruling out it could be there but hidden by the trees.

Kaplan said that Jeff’s cell phone shows he was in that area on June 21.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Dept. would like to speak with Robert Chris Hunter about Jeff because they had heard they were to meet, but no one know where Hunter is.  Authorities would also like to speak to Eliot Storms, a friend and business partner of his and Ben Rogers a friend Jeff knew in Louisiana.  Although attempts have been made to talk with all three men they will not respond.

Chris Hunter has a warrant for his arrest

Leave your anonymous tips here or you can call the police directly. Thank you.

Facebook page:

If you have any information call Todd Fulton with the Humboldt county sheriffs dept. 1 (707) 268-3646 or Luis Bolaños of Get Bit Investigations. 

6 thoughts on “Jeff Joseph: Missing in California

  1. Call the sheriff's department in the county his farm is located in and ask them to do a welfare check at his address. I have never been treated badly by any law enforcement agency when asking for this service. Sometimes elderly relatives don't realize their phone is off the hook, etc. It could be 100 things, rarely a crime. Good luck!

  2. Law enforcement has been informed and they will not go to the farm and check for him. We do not know why. Also he was headed from Los Angeles to the Humboldt county area in Northern CA. His car as Louisiana plates XMZ 062. His last known location was believed to be either Hoopa, Ca or Weaverville, Ca. His last phone call was made June 21 2014 at aprox 11:00 am.

  3. Could the firm you are using, Cook & Associates, send an employee up there? At least see if something looks obviously wrong or suspicious?

  4. After reading the Facebook page, it appears several law enforcement agencies have been searching for him for several weeks. The tenants on the property have refused to let anyone search the property. Law enforcement has to have probable cause for a search warrant. Your private investigator is on top of his phone connections. Good luck! Prayers for your family#

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