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Richard Ferguson and Bradley Kappel: Missing from Kansas

Two soldiers who went missing from Fort Riley more than a month ago have been located…

The men were not together when they were located.

It is unknown at this point what action, if any, will be taken by the U.S. Army now that they have been located.

Richard “Conner” Ferguson and Bradley Kappel from Fort Riley, Kansas were last seen on July 21, 2014, at the Blue Jasmine Hookah Bar in Junction City.

Bradley was seen at the Double Tree Hotel in Denver on July 22, trying to catch a ride to Indiana.  Conner may be with him or may be traveling alone.

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  1. This may or a dumb question, but did these guys go AWOL from the base or just leave the city of Fort Riley? I cannot even remember if there is a base there. Thanks!

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