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Terry Mullin: Missing from California Found

Angelique has posted that Terry’s remains have been found.

 Angelique Mullen

Shared publicly  –  Yesterday 5:32 PM
“I am heartbroken to tell you all that my beautiful husband, Terry Mullen, the man I have loved for over 19 years is gone. Terry’s body was discovered yesterday at Mussel Rock. We are absolutely devastated and wish we could wake up from this nightmare. I am sorry not to be able to notify people directly. I just can’t deal with that right now. Please understand that I won’t respond to any of you right now. I can only take things moment by moment. I did want to tell you all because you’ve been so concerned. Thank you all for continued prayers and love. My husband was a gentle, kindhearted man. My heart is broken. Cherish your loved ones!”

Previous story:

“His name is Terry Mullen. He is (almost) 45 years old and is 6 foot tall. He weighs about 150ish. Last seen at home in Daly City around 11:15pm on the night of August 7th, wearing dark pants and a hoodie that is green with white stripes. He is driving a red 94 Ford Taurus, license plate 3DVC905.

He was very despondent yesterday, depressed, extremely anxious, and definitely not himself. He has been very depressed lately, and he was more depressed yesterday than he’s ever been. His cell phone is missing, but he left his wallet at home.

All my attempts to track his phone have failed, as it seems that his GPS is turned off. I’m sick with worry, as I love my husband very much. Today is our 16th wedding anniversary. Please help me find him.”

Help spread the word and hope that we can help Terry find her husband.

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  1. Read elsewhere that he suffered a bout of viral meningitis about a year ago and was not the same since. People please go see your doctor anytime there is an injury or illness of the nervous system including the brain, where you see a personality change. He may have benefitted from a longer term course of anti viral intravenous drugs or antibiotics. Prayers for his family.

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