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Christine Mohler: Missing from Texas FOUND

UPDATE:  A body was found the last week of August 2014 in Bastrop.  A fundraiser for Christine’s funeral was posted, even though the identity of the body was not publicly announced.  “In my heart, I feel 100 percent that it is her,” said Doyle Sullivent, her cousin. “This waiting to know for sure is the worst part. We’re just waiting to hear. What day will it be? What hour? Will it be in the next 30 minutes? The family needs to get closure.”

He also stated his cousin did not have life insurance, and, if she’s dead, her parents will be left with the bill for her final arrangements. Sullivent said he has set up an account at the First National Bank of Bastrop’s Smithville branch.

Original story:  Christine Mohler,25, was last seen at 685 Highway 95 in Bastrop, Texas the first week of August, 2014.  Her hair is brown and has a buz cut like the one in the below picture.

Please keep an eye out for her and if you see her please leave a tip here or with the Smithville Texas Police.  Also, if you are driving by and see her on the road, please take a photo and let us know where you took it.  It may help us locate her.

Her brother, Carl wrote, “we don’t know the clothes she was last wearing because she was last staying at a friends house. but she does have a buzz cut now like the one in the picture…please help me and my family we are really worried about her. I even posted missing flyers around where I live and even in Bastrop where she was last seen and we have people out there looking for her and talking to the people she was last seen with but so far nothing is coming up. please help and thank you.”

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