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Webster and Kaylani Zachery: Missing from Connecticut Found

UPDATE 8/29/14 -Police have canceled Silver Alerts Webster and Kaylani after the children were found safe Tuesday.  The children’s parents are divorced and share custody. Hamden police said the kids’ father hadn’t heard from them in about a week and was concerned for their welfare.

Webster Zachery, 4 and Kaylani Zachery, 5, have been missing for more than a week from their home in Hamden, Conn., where they lived with their mother, Jessica Lopez. 

The children’s father called the police when he had not heard from Jessica for several days, and wanted the police to do a welfare check. They did not find Jessica nor the children and believe they are together, but don’t know where and want to find them so they can verify they are alright.

If you see the children, please call the Hamden police at 203-230-4000.

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