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Juliet Striped Wolf: Missing from Fort Bragg Found

Juliet has been located in Florida.  
She is safe and unharmed, said Army Criminal Investigation Division spokesman Chris Grey.  She left without permission and was brought back to Fort Bragg no details about why she left or what penalties may arise from the military. 

Janel, Juliet’s mother said on Facebook that she was worried about her daughter because of some comments she received from her about someone else. 

“This individual failed to appear in a court of law to face an assault and battery charge recently.”

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Juliet Striped Wolf has been missing since July 1, when she was last seen leaving North Carolina’s Fort Bragg Army Base with Amanda Lee Cardone, reports the Indian Country Today .

Juliet’s commanding officer, Ozzie Garcia, said he didn’t believe she would go AWOL.
Police believe Wolf may have lived on the Army base at the time of her disappearance.

Janel, Juliet’s mother who lived in Arizona was having difficulties getting a missing persons report filed for her daughter, but the Fayetteville police are now searching for her.  Also, she posted on Facbook, “I called ARMY CID this morning and was provided an update that assures me that they are doing all they can to seek the whereabouts of my daughter at this time.”  She also posted on Facebook, “I want people to know reading your words of support keeps me going when I feel sad. I am pursuing traditional ceremonial ways to bring my daughter home safely.”
This story has gotten off to a slow start and I am asking all to please share this story and help to bring attention that Juliet is missing.  

Anyone with information regarding Wolf’s whereabouts is asked to contact Fort Bragg or Fayetteville police.

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