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Justin Norton and Nicholas Santangelo missing while camping in Tillamook Found

UPDATE:  The bodies of Justin and Nicholas were found on Friday around 8:15 p.m., according to the Tillamook County Sheriff.  Their SUV went over a 100 feet hilllside  and both men were ejected.  Locals in the area were worried about this scenario because of the fog would come in an make it difficult to see where you are going and there were many areas that were drop offs.  The SUV was covered by the woods and was hard to find.  Both men perished in the accident.  

Previous story:  Justin Norton, 53  and Nicholas Santangelo, 35,  who were camping in Tillamook, Ore.  have gone missing.

Tillamook County Sheriff Andy Long stated during the search on Thursday, “They could be stuck somewhere.”

Justin and Nicholas left there girlfriends behind at the Cedar Creek Campground on Monday to search for their missing  pets in their blue 1998 Ford Explorer, but never returned.

Searchers have used their vehicles to travel the back dirt road used mostly by off-road vehicles to search for the two men.  They began at the Jordan Creek Road where last seen.

“We did get one cell phone ping in an arid south of Highway 6 and we’re concentrating there, but those aren’t 100 percent especially in an area with terrain like this,” Long told KPTV news.

Authorities are now searching away from the trails as it is a possibility that Jusin and Nicholas took a wrong turn in the fog and may have gone down a steep cliff that are in the area.

Tillamook Forest Area is a busy recreational area, on the weekend, so if you plan to go there, please keep an eye out for their SUV with license plate WBR 922.  If you see it, please call the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Dept. at 503-842-2561.

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