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Danielle and Sydney Wolferts: Sisters missing while visiting mother FOUND

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UPDATE 7/27/16 – Posted on Missing Wolfert Sister’s Facebook page:  “Update for all those who have prayed for and supported our family and care about Sydney and Dani. We appreciate you all and will be discontinuing posts here after this thread. Thank you again for all your love and support! We feel so blessed! The girls applied for jobs this summer, took driver’s ed, attended summer school and are still taking classes on line, Sydney is preparing to take the ACT, they went to girls camp, Sydney has been on dates, they hang out with friends and have them over to our house often, they both have given talks in church and they serve and have assignments in their young women’s group. They are enjoying teen life in Kansas! We love them! — with Brian Wolfers.”

UPDATE 1/3/15 – The Wolferts’ sisters have been found about 15 miles from their last known location in Orem, Utah. 

Around 3 a.m., Pleasant Grove police received a tip on the location of Danielle and Sydney. They were found with their mother at her apartment located at 170 S. Pleasant Grove Blvd. The teens have been taken to Slate Canyon until they can be picked by their father.

Michelle said in an interview with KUTV after she was released from jail on Sunday.  She stated that after they ran away the second time, they called her “after awhile” and she didn’t know what to do and she was torn as they were pleading with her to not call anyone or say anything.  Michelle also stated just before they were found, they were at the point they were considering ending their hiding.  She said they were staying with friends and different locations in Utah while they were on the run and were staying with a friend when they were found at the apartment complex.   She said “all of these people came out of the woodwork” to help them.  She said she asked her children whether it was time to turn themselves in and she said her children said, “no, she didn’t understand.”

Michelle was asked if they went to school, and she said they were doing school online.    The girls are now 15 and 17.

In April 2016, Brittany, the sister of Sidney and Danni wrote on her blog, ” She [Michelle} was in prison, prison because she chose to protect her daughters (I now know that she chose to meet up with them after a month when they contacted her in August 2014).

Sonja “Michelle” Wolferts

UPDATE 1/28/15 – Last Monday, Dr. Phil had Brian Wolferts, the father of missing Sidney and Danni Wolferts on his show.  Their mother, Sonja Michelle, was asked to be the show but she never responded.  (Scroll down to watch the episode).

As the show begins, Dr. Phil says, “they have been missing for 157 days.”

The case is about two teen sisters that were to return to their father’s custody after visiting their mom, but they ran away.

I have been curious about this story (you can go towards the bottom of this and read about it) from the beginning as it seemed to not play out as other parental abductions or “missing children and the parent feins they don’t know where they are,” cases that have come before. 

Early on from the comments the older sister, Brittany made, I knew that she was holding back information.  Not that I am that astute it is obvious to anyone watching the show or who reads up on the story.

During the show, Brittany said, the girls ran away on their own, but I believe she knew where they were going.  To meet with their mother.  She even states to Dr. Phil that she had thought of getting her sisters, when she states, “I knew I had to get custody of my sisters.”   But, I believe there is an alternative reason Brittany is backing her mother.  Could it be the GoFundMe post where she is asking for money for legal fund for her sisters be the reason?  I do not know why she is in the middle of it.  She is an adult and if she was on anyone’s side, it should be the court systems.  Maybe there is no bond between Brittany and her father and that in itself is why she is siding with her mother.  But, there is something else going on here that is odd.  The relationship between Brittany and Brian is odd.  
Further down on this page you can read where I wrote that I thought the girls may be in or certainly was in San Diego, by the photos that were posted by them.  Are they still there at the time of the airing of Dr. Phil?  I don’t know, but if I were to make a guess, I would bet they are.  In fact, if I were searching I would probably go to the temple to see if they show up for services.

No matter how evasive the uncle and Brittany tried to appear, it is obvious that mom and the girls are together, and they know it.  Their attempt to betray themselves as innocent and in agreeance with Dr. Phil that the girls should come out of hiding was obvious to Dr. Phil and the entire audience, as a scam.

Another scam, is when the girls were on video reading a message to Dr. Phil.  It was obvious their mom wrote it and told them to read it.  And that is where this problem lies.  Michelle has taken free will from these girls.  The same free will that she accusing of Brian not giving them.  She has told them what to say and where to be and convinces them it is their choice.  Even the courts knew what she was doing.

Here is what they said:  

Regarding Michelle’s Testimony:

Thinly veiled, hostile manner
Reluctant to cooperate with answering simple questions
Admonished to answer questions.
Demeanor not cooperative or credible.

The Administrator for the Family Academy stated:
100 percent certainty “mom” coached the children
Refused to stick to schedule
Coaching was emotional abuse.

Court appointed evaluator stated:

She coaches children
She is “Vehement and vindictive”
She interfered with parent time
Her actions are not in best interests of children
Children are not well adjusted due to problems created by mom
She created wedge between Brian and his children
“I don’t see any relevance” …regarding Brian sexually abusing girls

Custody Modification found:

Court appointed custody evaluator testified fears of abuse unfounded
Children are hyper-vigilant about issue of sexual abuse due to behavior of mother.
It will be damaging to children long term to continue to believe that Brian will abuse them
Domestic violence from 2005 not relevant.

Now before you are completely swayed to the side of dad, let me bring up that he has his own set of issues.  Dr. Phil stated to him that he thought he had control issues, and lost his temper, and in other words he had a nickel in the alienation of his daughters.

After doing some research, I believe Dr. Phil is right from what I found.  I also found out some of the reasons that Michelle is so angry with Brian.  In my opinion it is not completely about his treatment of the girls, as it is his infidelity.  Shockingly, there is a website with document after document of court appointed psychiatric evaluations of both, that tells a story of two self-centered people.

During the Dr. Phil interview, Brittany claims that Brian told her that she will be just like her mom and she will end up in a divorce and he told them not to hum as it comes from the devil, and other claims that really don’t amount to too much in the grand scheme of things, but I do believe this is probably true.  It is possible that Brian is using scare tactics to control his children.  But, keep in mind the other side also stated sexual abuse and it was found to be unfounded by the court system. 

Now Brittany and Michelle are left with scrambling around trying to drum up the smallest thing they can find to make him seem bad, and although some of it may be true, even Dr. Phil seemed to think so, the claims have been overshadowed by the sexual abuse claims.  I do believe Brian probably has a bad temper and is unbending.  He is stiff-spined on the show and if it wasn’t for the one instant of him wiping away some tears when he said he missed his daughters, there is no emotion from him.   It is hard to back or be vested in an unemotional human being.

I do believe teenage girls would find a lot to complain about if they had Brian as a father, as I believe he kept tabs on them very closely.  What teenager would not want to stay with the parent that lets them do whatever they want.  But, it is when you take these complaints and try to create them into insufferable conditions voiced by a couple of teenagers, they lose a lot of validity.  To say, “My dad is controlling.”  When is that a justification to not go home?  Even though Michelle may think the girls are making a great case against Brian, they are not.  It could be any two teen daughters standing there complaining about their father.  Every single one of them would say their dad was too controlling, too strict and over bearing.

Towards the end of the show, Michelle in a message to Dr. Phil stated she wants the truth.  But she is failing to provide it herself.  In the beginning her lies were revealed, so it is hard to believe there is any truth coming from her now.  In order for it to all come out she needs to come out of hiding and face the courts and speak and believe in our justice system.  She also needs to take a hard look at herself and realize she is doing no good to those girls.

Regardless, I fear it is too late and their has been unrepairable emotional damage done to them.  I have had experience with what a parent can do by brainwashing their children and my own brothers and sisters who were abducted and told their mother didn’t love them never recovered from that.  Even though they grew up and found out it had been a lie, they knew not who to trust anymore, because the one person that they did trust turned out to be lying to them.  They also to this day bear a lot of guilt for going against their father’s wishes and loving their mother.  Deep down they felt they were betraying their dad, and this emotional conflict carried over to their own relationships.

Both Brian and Michelle are selfish and self-centered, in two entirely different ways.  Unless, Brian shows an improvement in his raising of children, and gets guidance on how to not raise his children exactly like he was raised, he is no better of a parent than Michelle. 

But, Brian is right about one thing; the court system, the child protective agency and psychiatrists need to be the ones that decide what is best for these girls.  Hopefully, he is recognizing that he has some flaws himself that do not warrant him to automatically get custody of his daughters.

I think Dr. Phil did a fair job representing both parties on the show.  In the end he asked for the mom to come out of hiding and he would be the intermediator. Then in the next breath, he did also ask the public to call the police if the girls are seen.  I believe he was sending a message to Michelle that after the show airs she has no where to hide.

I personally believe that the congregation of Michelle’s church is aiding her and the girls.  At that may be the organization that Brian was referring to when he stated he believed there was an underground organization that helps when woman run from their husbands.  In a comment below this article it mentioned that Michelle was part of FLDS and Brian was part of LDS.   I believe that Michelle is probably being hidden by the community of FLDS, and with this backing she can hide indefinitely.   Hopefully, the people that are hiding her realize they are in jeopardy of facing jail time for aiding her and will convince her to return the children.  Even though this is an emotional issue, Michelle is breaking the law and whether she robbed a convenience store, or ran a red light, or stole her children, all three are breaking the law.  She has no right to take the law in her own hands and run away with her children.  And for her to believe she is justified shows her arrogance.  How many people in jail right now say they were justified to shoot someone, rob, or run a red light.  What Michelle is doing is no different.  You can break the law and say what ever you want, but it does not stop you from being arrested and facing the courts for breaking the law. 

If I am wrong, and Michelle has no backing and she is doing this entirely on her own, I doubt that Michelle will bring the girls out of hiding just because Dr. Phil asked her.  She has already proved to be a big chicken, because she knows that her appearance means automatic jail.   At this point, she is so far in, she would rather continue her cause under the guise that she is protecting the children than go to jail.  In my opinion, I believe her real cause was get back at her husband for his infidelities.  Now it’s too late to turn back and if she comes out of hiding she knows she goes to jail.  

The other dilemma is what her children will think.  If she turns the girls over to authorities, they see her as betraying them.  If she comes forward with the girls, they see her as betraying them and she goes to jail.  So, her only choice is to hide forever and hope that no one recognizes them and turns them in.  

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you, Michelle?

UPDATE:  9/4/14 – There will be a “Boots on the Ground” event for those that would like to help put up flyers on Saturday, September 6 at 9:00am in MDT
Ace Hardware 330 S Main St, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

UPDATE:  8/30/14 – According to the uncle of the two missing sisters, the girls ran away because they were being abused by their father.   The self-proclaimed uncle left a comment on this page under the name TNT Homes Builders and he stating, “I am in communication with their older sister that was present when they ran way because they did NOT want to return to their father. I have a letter from a Dr that interviewed the girls in June that states “(they) would be severely emotionally harmed if they were returned to the physical custody of their father.”

The older sister is Brittany that left a statement on her Facebook page a few days ago, that you can read father down on this page, next to the photo of the Mormom Church. 

As I brought up back then, is it possible that Brittany WAS with her younger sisters in San Diego when the photo from the Mormon Church and of Brittany at the Beach was taken?  According to the uncle, Brittany was there when they ran away, but we don’t know where is.  

Now we hear that there is possible abuse from the father?  In custody cases this is a very common topic that comes up. 

Click on the link below to read about the court case and tell me what you think:
Wolferts vs. Wolferts

UPDATE:  8/28/14 – I have been checking back with this story every day and sometimes several times a day to see if there are any updates.   With all the years I have been doing missing person stories, there is a pattern, especially when the case involves teens.  Usually the parent reports them missing to the police, the police are slow to respond as they assume they are runaways.

The police, based on their experience with teen cases look for foul play right away, and when they see none, consider it a runaway.  Many times they have seen a teen return before the paperwork is done.  Statistics show that 83% return within the month, with most returning within the next 6 months.

I have written a book on How to use Social Media to help you find a Missing Person and I dedicated a lot of writing to missing teens, and trying to explain why this age group that gets such little attention from law enforcement and media.

One of the things that most don’t understand is why police seem slow to respond to missing teens. With all the cases they have seen police make a judgement call, right at the beginning whether it is voluntary or involuntary.  If they have decided that your teen is voluntarily missing, you are pretty much on your own to find them, as once the paperwork is done, they do no active searching for the most part and wait until they are picked up sleeping in a park somewhere or return home.  But, one thing they are expected to do and without hesitation is to put their personal information into NCIC.  NCIC is a database that hooks all the police departments, including government law enforcement together.  So, for example, if the sisters are found sleeping on a beach, the police can run their description or name and find out instantaneously they were reported missing. 

The media is slow to run a missing teen story, as they share the same thought as law enforcement that by the time they run the story the teen will be back home and usually they are right.  It is not until at least a week has gone by and a lot of attention from social media that draws their attention, before a twist is created to make the story interesting enough for the public to read.

Regardless of the above, there are two teens that are somewhere in this world and they need to be found.  Why they decided to runaway, assuming it was their decision is not known at this time.   I am willing to bet that the police have already made a judgement on this case, as they have talked to the parents and have not divulged that information.  It is hard to tell at this point, but I am willing to bet they feel as though the sisters have probably been put somewhere, like a relatives or friends house.

But, right now the police are stuck and their hands are tied, as the mother says they have runaway and has not elaborated on her story.  With that, the authorities have nothing else to go on to counterdict her story, so they are left to wait.  Wait until something comes out that proves what actually happened to them, and if they acted on their own free will or were coerced to hide, like a certain balloon boy did several years back.   It is a guess at this point whether the authorities are treating this like just another runaway teen case, or will suddenly find the sisters after some remarkable sleuthing when everyone thought they were out for donuts. 

Previous Post:

A photo from Instagram from Sydney’s account posted on Facebook shows that Sydney may have been in San Diego. Looking at this photo I recognized it as the Mormon Church that is alongside Freeway 5 in San Diego County, that is officially called the San Diego California Temple.


It is breathtaking and unexpected when you first spot it as you drive on the freeway, and many people seeing it for the first time, can’t help but want to take a photo of it.  At first, no one knew if this was proof that Sydney and Danielle had been in San Diego, but another post of the same church was done by Brittany Ann, which I believe is Sydney and Danielle’s sister, per this statement on her Facebook page.  Is this just a coincidence?  Brittany posted on her Facebook page:

“I’ve had concerned family, friends and community members ask about what has been going on with my missing sisters. I want everyone to know that I am extremely supportive of all of the shared pages of my sisters. I’m overwhelmed by everyone’s love and concern, and all of the prayers in behalf of their safety. One thing I would ask in behalf of clarification is that when these pages/links are shared, the following information is altered: it was July 17 that they ran away, rather than missing on July 9. The reason why the 9th is documented with orem city is because that was the first time they ran away for a space of a few hours before returning.
Again, I thank every one for their support and concern. I honestly don’t have the words to express my gratitude. I love you all and express thanks again for the many prayers.

 There is also a photo of Brittany on the beach. In the background you can see an island.  I believe this to be Islas Coronado the little uninhabited islands that used to have a bunch of goats on it.  Judging by where she is standing she could be at Imperial Beach in San Diego.  
Was Sydney and Danielle in San Diego?  Is there any friends or family of the family in San Diego?  Did they just pass through and then decided to travel back on their own? 

Previous story:  July 9, 2014  Danielle Jane Wolferts, 13,  and Sydney Michelle Wolferts, 15, went missing while visiting their mom, Sonja Michelle Olson Wolferts in Utah.

Please share any information that you think may help us locate Sydney and Dani. We miss them dearly and so do all our extended family, friends, co-workers, church members, and neighbors. We need your help to find them.  Michelle, who is a self-employed piano teacher may be living in Layton now.

“Basically, they are overdue. They were supposed to been returned to him, but they haven’t,” said Lt. Craig Martinez of the Orem Police Department. “We have been unable to get a hold of the mother.”

Posted on the Facebook, called Help Find Our Missing Girls:

“Please share any information that you think may help us locate Sydney and Dani. We miss them dearly and so do all our extended family, friends, co-workers, church members, and neighbors. We need your help to find them.

Danielle, 13, and Sydney, 15 Wolferts have been missing since July.  The siblings were spending the summer with their mother, Michelle Wolferts, in Orem, Utah for the summer and when it was time for them to return to the custody of their father Brian Wolferts in Kansas, they never showed up.

Please share this page and spread the word. We are anxious to find them and bring them home!

Thank you in advance for your support and help, Brian and Angie Wolferts”

Sydney is 15 with blonde hair, hazel eyes, and about 5’6″
Dani will be 14 in October, blue green eyes, and about 5’5″

Also the page states, “Orem, Utah was the last place they were seen. (Their birth mother reported them as runaways. So we don’t know exactly where.)”

KSL news ran a story

29 thoughts on “Danielle and Sydney Wolferts: Sisters missing while visiting mother FOUND

  1. I just checked the NCMEC database and these girls are still not listed as Missing Children. Once they are included in the NCMEC database their poster can be downloaded by the general public so their flyer can be posted and distributed. They will also become eligible to be included in the National Programs that are managed by the NCMEC. Once registered someone from the family needs to contact the NCMEC case-worker assigned to their case and a request that paragraph four of the “Missing Children Poster Display Instructions” be activated. Paragraph four describes the “Instructions” for the “Emergency Network System” (which is part of the “NALC/USPS Child Alert National Program”). Once activated their poster would be emailed to every Postmaster in the U.S. Postmasters are then supposed to make copies of the poster and have it displayed in the “box lobby of the P.O. for the general public to view” and in the “workroom floor areas so the letter carriers can view the poster before and/or after their route”. There's over 31,000 P.O.'s in the U.S. and over 14 million Post Office boxes that people rent (Post Office box renters go into the P.O. on almost a daily basis for their mail – the poster displayed in the box lobby section would be an excellent networking system to help with the awareness about these Missing Children. Since there seems to be a good possibility they might be in San Diego, another National Program that might be considered for activation is the “Deliver Me Home Network National Program”. To activate this Program the law enforcement agency handling this case needs to contact Code Adam (via NCMEC) and certain zip code(s) need to be requested for targeting. Their poster is then supposed to be mailed to every address in the targeted zip code(s) – this National Program was first announced and activated in 2003, when 16,000 posters of a Missing Child from Georgia were mailed to every address in a tri-county area. If someone from the family requests these important National Programs be activated and you run into any problems from the NCMEC or from the law enforcement agency handling this case, please contact our charity email address ( Our charity (Finding Our Children Under Stress (FOCUS/”3-Children”) Organization ( will also make copies of their poster (once it's available on the NCMEC database) and include it in our flyer posting and distribution Programs. Be sure to update a Facebook page about any and all developments in the search for these Missing Children.

  2. Seems they may have crossed state lines. Call in the FBI. Something is off here or the police do not believe the girls are missing. Since they cannot find thelr mom, is she running this little venture?

  3. If the mother is making herself hard to find, when she is the one who can be charged with violating the Parental Kidnapping Act, I assume she knows where they are and they are ok. To me, not missing. Being kept away from their father illegally, yes. The girls can speak for themselves. Go to court and get custody/visitation changed.

  4. Please contact us here at MPofA if you would like to get your side of the story out. We can add it to this story and let everyone hear the other side that no one knows. It will help to clarify all the questions that are out there that no one is getting answers to. You can also keep your info private that way. Either post here or email me at if you would like to do that.

  5. The Mother has been found to be psychologically abusing/brainwashing the children for years. This was confirmed by multiple professionals and the courts. If their uncle and family members actually cared about them, things would not be happening the way that they have.

  6. If you are 5050 Rights then why wouldn't the girls be able to speak? They are teenagers aren't they. I also read the big sister is 19 and moved out of the home. Wouldn't she provide a reflection of what the home life has been like? I haven't read ANYWHERE in the court docs that states mother was psychologically abusing the girls. This seems like the dad is trying really hard to keep his image at the sake of the girls. Let it go dude. You look like you are toast anyway.

  7. Nor has there been seen any court documents saying the dad is dangerous. Lots of hearsay from unknown people claiming to know stuff but produce nothing and don't identify themselves.

  8. That's just it. They've already made their choice to continue living with Mom but Dad doesn't agree, they didn't choose him so he's questioning their competance to make that choice on their own, they're so called advocate is also part of fathers alliance. These young ladies are happy & enjoying life as best they can given the unfortunate actions of their sperm doner, abuser, pedophile, he is a disgusting pig!!

  9. The fathers trying to claim these young ladies aren't mature enough nor competint to decide for themselves.

  10. These allegations are false, this is the fathers attempt to over ride the daughters choice & removing their civil right to choose.

  11. The top 2 comments of this thread, the top one stating Moms psychologically unfit is be rubbish, a ploy…… & the 2nd ” the girls can not & should not…….” THESE 2 COMMENTS TELL YOU EXACTLY WHATS GOING ON HERE!! They're civil rights are being hi-jacked!!!

  12. I feel so sorry for these girls. The mom is not taking their best interest into consideration. If she truly care about these girls she will send them back to their dad and get some therapy for everyone involved. It is only a matter of time before they are found and the mom will end up in prison. I hope she lets Dr Phil help her before it is too late. I'm sure he's not a saint but when you can't agree then it is up for the courts to decide and no one wins. Especially not the children.

  13. Unfortunately, he is the disgusting pig you chose to have children with. Everyone needs to be careful who they choose to share their DNA. When a parent puts down the other parent, it only hurts the children. Because they are part them! It's disgusting you would call their parent any names at all. Very immature. The mom needs to grow up and face the facts. Stop hurting these girls and get some help! I think both parents could use parenting classes. Does she want them to end up in foster care?

  14. Mom is flds, check out her email to dr.phil. Flds at its finest! Also ask wondrous sister what wife number she is? Dad is lds that's why he is being persecuted

  15. It is a shame to see young girls and boys, cause such grief and anguish to in effort to settle differences. The two girls show they do not have the bond, strength, or courage to work with their ties. Their tactic while strong is rather week. They abandoned their parents and family, hopefully they will find the strengths to return home either parent and find better means to deal with the differences.

  16. It seems to me most are blind of how truly wrong the court system is and can be. There are countless cases of court personnel be it therapists or GAL's or whatever, that will blatantly make false statements ounce it is decided which side they will take. Look up the countless children deaths where the courts gave custody to the wrong side or allowed visitation to parents who should have supervised visits. Or maybe talk to the children of a really close friend of mine who just returned to their mother in December. She fought her brother and sister in law and the courts for 7 years or so to get her kids home. She had no record of abuse or neglect of her kids yet they decided to side with her brother. And her kids will tell you they only got home to their mom when a neighbor finally called child services (and the mom tried many times to let child services and the court know she suspected her kids were being abused). The investigation found these kids were raped by their uncle (he left the home recently so that stopped for a bit) but this did not stop his wife from feeding them only bread with peanut butter (these were found hidden in furniture and walls) she would tie the kids to the legs of the kitchen table and cut them repeatedly with knives (they found the blood underneath the table). And she removed the kids from school to hide the way she was abusing them. You are all blind and naive if you think our court system does the right thing in all child custody cases. Dr.Phils show failed to mention that the father had already had custody of the girls for 4 years. Then you ignore what the eldest daughter has to say about the abuse that happened. People wanted to knit pick on court documents on a one time previous claim of possible sexual abuse when neither the eldest daughter or the 2 other girls were making these claims currently. they had however claimed constant controlling behavior (there is a difference between being a good parent and setting safe boundaries and being controlling) being only allowed to talk to their mom for 15 minutes on the phone, reading their diaries, badmouthing their mother constantly, the pushing, pinching, hair pulling and verbal abuse done by their father. And yes if after my father had custody of me for 4 years and I was 14 or 15 years old I would get tired of the courts not listening to where I want to live. They are certainly old enough to make that call. And if all my legal attempts as a mom failed to get my kids out of harms way, heck yeah I would help my kids run to safety. I would face years in jail and even death if I could make sure my kids were safe and happy.

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