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Day: September 12, 2014

Tanya Gonzalez: Missing from Miami Found

UPDATE:    Roy Ruz Blanco a former boyfriend of Tanyon died at Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island shortly after 4 p.m., not long after deputies chased him, his mother, Marta Blanco-Mendoza, and their dog, into the woods.  Marta swallowed a handful of pills and Blanco stabbed himself in the stomach, said the Sheriff […]

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Colton Brandt Turner: 2-year-old missing, mother last seen him in July Found

UPDATE:  Colton’s body has been found.  The police will not say if he was found buried in some sort of container. “We are not going to go into the investigative details of what brought us to where we’re at,” Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix said. “We still have search warrants to run.” UPDATE:  The […]

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