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Colton Brandt Turner: 2-year-old missing, mother last seen him in July Found

UPDATE:  Colton’s body has been found.  The police will not say if he was found buried in some sort of container.

“We are not going to go into the investigative details of what brought us to where we’re at,” Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix said. “We still have search warrants to run.”

UPDATE:  The police are in a wooded area in Southeast Austin Friday morning after receiving what they called a “strong” lead into the case.

They plan to do “excavation of the site…”

I believe the police thought it was a custody situation and didn’t want to get involved. 

This is the law in Texas:

  1. The parent, spouse, or guardian must contact a law enforcement agency and file a missing person report. The missing person must be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) files by the law enforcement agency.
  2. A “Missing Persons Clearinghouse MP-3 Report Form” must be signed, completed and returned to the MPCH. (Forms can be obtained from the MPCH or online at Downloadable Forms).
  3. A current, original photograph must be received by the MPCH. (NOTE: Do not write on the back of the photo.)
  4. In case of parental abductions, a copy of the custody order stating that the reporting parent has custody must be received by MPCH.
  5. The parent, spouse, guardian or investigating officer must notify MPCH immediately of the location or return of the missing person.

Was it number 4 that kept the police from moving forward in this investigation?  This is why the police should NOT be making a call on whether they should search for someone or not and the decision should go to the police chief or a trained MP board to decide. This board will also help assure that all the steps are being done by law to search for the person including putting their information into NCIC. Because the police wouldn’t do a missing person report, then other agencies were stone-walled to help the dad. Things have GOT TO CHANGE.

Photo given to Brandon a few days ago
of Colton
Photo given to Brandon a few days
ago of Colton
Brandon Pelfrey, Colton’s dad is searching
for his son.

Police are searching for a missing Williamson County boy who has been missing since Wednesday evening.

Police were called to a Cedar Park home in Texas to check on Colton Brandt Turner, 2, and his mother Meghan Work, 20.

The police found  Meghan outside the home, but no sign of the boy.  Work told the police she was homeless and been sleeping in her car with her son, and that she last saw Colton in July.

“Not knowing where the child is.  The mother not knowing who has the child, where the child is, what the welfare of the child is.  That’s what make us believe that he is in danger,” the Cedar Park Assistant Police Chief Mike Harmon told KVUE news.

Colton’s father , Brandon Pelfrey, has been searching for him since May.  He contacted the police but was told it was not an emergency.  It wasn’t until he received photos of his son with cuts and bruises from an unnamed source, that the police began to go look for him.

Tabatha Dawdy that identified herself as Brandon’s cousin posted on Facebook,  “Three weeks ago he begged Bertram PD to make a report when they said it wasn’t an emergency Brandon spent the next few weeks trying to persuade them that it was. He called the center for missing and exploited children and without a report fro the police they wouldn’t help. He’s spent the last week chasing whatever lead he could and all this morning g running g down everyone he and she knew for help or info.

Investigators narrowed down through talking with other people that no one has seen Colton since July.

Authorities stated that Work was known by Child Protective Services, but did not say much more than that.  She will be charged with endangering and abandoning a child.

Meagan with Colton

Meagan posted on her Facebook page that she works as a waitress at Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill and went to Leander High School.  She wrote on the About :

About Meagan
“My name is Meagan; DUH! :))
I have a absolutly perfect an beautiful son named Colton Brandt Pelfrey.I would do anything for him in a heartbeat, there’s not on person that comes before him!
I love few and trust fewer.
Fuck the haterz, and girls 
I’m country, i have lived my life on the safe side an i’m ready to strat livin on the edge!
I like campin, fishin, partyin an barrel racin.
I’m startin fresh on life an the people in it, today is a new day an i want nothing to do with the past.
I dont smoke cigs, i lowered on my weed a lil.. still workin on that part and i will defintly drink if you give me a beer an a sober driver 
I loovvee country boys who know how to take care of a country girl.
Screw prince charming i want a man in wrangler jeans, cowboy boots an a cowboy hat.
Country music an camo is my life! 
Talk shit about my son, an your ass is mine! I like a lil scuffle. (; I’m a great friend but a real bad enemy. Get to know me. ”

Colton has blond hair and green eyes and is 3-feet-tall.  He may have a black and purple blanket with him.  Think back if you have seen a boy that looks like Colton or maybe someone is taking care of a child that they did not have a few months before.

If you have any information about him, please call 911.

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