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Robert and Marian Gleason: Missing from Ohio Found

UPDATE 9/13/14 – Robert and Marian have been found deceased.  Their truck was discovered after neighbors went to see why a dog kept barking and running down an embankment.  They found the Gleason inside their truck that had traveled the road between two houses across the street from their house.  The truck ended up going down a hill and veered around some trees and slid down more till stopping in the gully. 

Police Lt. Barry Walker said it’s unclear whether the couple died immediately, or if a medical condition may have precipitated the crash. The coroner is investigating to determine the cause of death.

Previous story:  Robert and Marian Gleason from West Chester, Ohio are missing. 

Robert, 85, and Marian, 86, were reported missing on Tuesday, Sept. 9.  They were last seen at a cardiologist appointment at 11a.m.  They were to meet with their daughter but they never showed up.

They are driving a red 1997 GMC pickup truck with Ohio license plates BD30HS.

The police are going to look through traffic cameras on I-42 to see if they can spot the truck.  A search has been organized and they plan on continuing.

If you see the couple, but most importantly if you see the truck please call the police at 513-777-2231.  They may have gotten lost and could be on a side road or stuck somewhere.  If you live in the area they would have traveled please check your property. 

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