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Adelle Burns: Teen missing from Mississippi Found

UPDATE:  Adelle was found safe in Nov. 2014 hiding in the closet of her boyfriends homes.  She was returned home.
Adelle Burns, 14, is missing from Tallahassee, Miss.  Adelle attended cob Middle School and when her mother went to wake her up at their  home on Aug. 26, Adelle was not in her bed. 

Authorities has labeled her a runaway, and her mother, Glenna Phillips, told the Tallahassee Democrat they had to take a lot of it into their own hands because little has been done to search for her.

“Somebody is helping her.  A 14-year-old cannot run away and survive on her own without money or anything.”

What Glenna is saying is very true and whoever that person is, is breaking the law.  So you would think that if the authorities won’t go looking for Adelle they would at least be looking for the individual that is breaking the law.

Contrary to what Glenna said, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office says they are actively investigating her whereabouts and are concerned for her safety.  James McQuaig, the PIO for LCSO said they have served search warrants, court orders and subpoenas “among friends, family members and the community as well as lie detector tests and forensic analysis,” in this case.

Adelle is 5’3″ tall with brown hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen wearing shorts and a t-shirt. 

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