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Do you know who this woman is found in the Snake River

Jane Doe 0909 found Snake River

This woman is still unidentified since 2014.  Do you know who this woman is?

This unidentified woman, who is thought to be between 45-50 years old was found in Twin Falls County, Idaho on Sept. 9, 2014.  She is Jane Doe 0909.

The Twin Falls authorities have ruled out two people as not being her:

Mardell Carmickle from Washington and Amiee Huff from Oklahoma

Her body was found floating in the Snake River, and she had been in there for about an hour.  She was wearing black clothing and a man’s size 11 tennis shoe.  She is described as having brown hair and hazel eyes.  No tattoos were listed.

She has a scare on her left arm and a mole on her left cheek.
NamUs UP #12926
Twin Falls County Coroner: 208-733-7610
IIf you believe you know who this woman is, please contact Dennis Chambers of the Twin Falls County Coroner’s Office at 208-733-7610 ext 24.
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