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Kayelyn Louder: Utah woman last seen out in the rain Found

UPDATE:  12/2/14 – Police confirmed that a body found in the Jordan River  is that of Kayelyn’s.  She was found by workers working on a drainage pipe near 3300 South and 1200 West, which is about 5 miles where she was last seen.  There is no further information.

Previous story:  Kayelyn Louder, 30, has been missing from Murray, Utah since Sept. 27. 

A surveillance video shows her leaving her condo on Saturday evening. 

It was raining and she took nothing with her, but her keys and she had no shoes on.  Her car was found parked.  No one can understand why she would leave her home and go outside in the rain with no shoes and no purse and cell phone. 

Her family is worried about her.  Kayelyn normally calls them daily but they have not heard from her since that Saturday. 

Kayelyn lived at the condo with a roommate and her dog and her cat.  Her roommate called the family because she had not heard from Kayelyn. 

Police stated that neighbors at her condo complex saw her trying to open gates to other condos and crouching behind cars as if trying to hide. She called 911 three times in the 24 hours before she went missing.

2 thoughts on “Kayelyn Louder: Utah woman last seen out in the rain Found

  1. Prior to her leaving, she called 911 several times complaining of intruders in the apartment. Her roommate said no one is here, everything is ok. She left the house without shoes or anything else.

  2. too much coffee not enough food or what sad situation was there ever a real cause to the foul was there no one else there perhaps teh roommate had romantic or otherwise sexual guest that was annoying as hell.

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