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Sarah Curtis: Missing from Columbus Found

UPDATE:  10/15/15 –

According to her sisters page, she has been found safe.

“To Everyone out there, Sarah aka Big Lou Curtis HAS Been FOUND SAFE! I really do not have any Words to say how thankful I am, To ALL who have Helped Support by just a simple like, share of a post of this page, 1,500= People, Liked,Posted,Shared,Re-posted and helped us through this time, I SAY TO EVERYONE..THANK YOU, TRUELY BLESSED TO HAVE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO CARE, EVEN THOUGH U MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOWN SARAH MET A LOT. LASTLY, LIKE TO THANK, ALL MY FRIENDS, 10TV NEWS, COLUMBUS DISPATCH, NMEC & MISSING SITES, AND DET.JOHN COMPSON.

Original Story:  Sarah Liberty Curtis, 15, has been missing from Columbus, Ohio since April 2014.  The family believes that she may have gone across the country with a boyfriend the family did not know about.  Sarah’s best friend told the family that his name was Luke and he lived in Clintonville and New York. 

Family have found two phone numbers from New York in her journal.    The best friend also told the family that Luke had bought Sarah a phone so she could call him. 

This concerns the family as the person may have represented himself to Sarah as someone that he was not.

Sarah is 5’1″ tall, thin with brown hair although she may have dyed it blonde.  She has blue/green eyes and was last seen on 4/24/15 in Columbus.

If you have any information please call the Columbus Police at 614-645-4810 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Help Find Sarah Curtis Facebook page.

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  1. Her selfies are creepy. Like she is posing to look like a “naughty schoolgirl.” For some adult who cannot relate to women his own age. Sends a shiver up my spine.

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