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Christopher Bernards: Missing from Oregon since September 2014

Christopher bernard

   Christopher “Topher” Dale Bernards Missing Amity, Oregon

Below are the summary points from the affadavit obtained by KOIN 6 News about why the case is now considered a homicide:

“Shortly after Bernards was reported as a missing person, people from the Yamhill County area started coming forward and reporting that they believed Bernards was killed by a male who also lived in Yamhill County. One reported that he had his throat cut and it was due to a drug deal “gone bad.”Another reported that Bernards was killed due to a forgery and fraud ring that was being run in Yamhill County and Bernards was being careless and had a number of bad checks bounce and traced back to him.”

More Reports

“More reports came in of the death of Bernards and the possible dumping of his body near a train trestle and later moved to Gopher Valley Road or Beaver Creek Road in Yamhill County. Months later it was reported to the Yamhill County Sheriffs Office by an informant that said he was present when Bernards was murdered by people associated with the Gypsy Jokers Motorcycle Gang.Another report brought to the Yamhill County Sheriffs Office attention was that Bernards had been picked up by members of the Russian Mafia and had been taken to a remote area and shot in the face before being buried on a rural property in Polk County.”

No Sightings since 2014

“To this day, no one related to or friends with Christopher “Topher” Dale Bernards has heard from him or seen him since he was last seen on 09/08/2014 in Lane County. His vehicle was not retrieved from Taylor’s Towing and no more activity was noted on any credit card or bank account assigned to Bernards.”


Christopher “Topher” Bernards from Sheridan, Oregon has been missing since September 8, 2014.  His car ran out of gas in Cottage Grove.  He was seen walking at mile marker 164 on I-5 in Anity.

Topher was wearing a hoodie, baseball cap, jeans and carrying a water bottle.

Angie Bernarnds, Topher’s sister posted,

“Please if anyone has seen or heard from my brother, Topher Bernards he has been missing since Sept 8. His car was found on or about the 10th in Roseburg. He has yet to contact any family or friends… and there is a missing person report filed. I will start my own search if that has not been done but in the meantime, please keep your eyes and ears out and pray if you would be so kind. Thank you for your support.”


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