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Dave Thomson: Missing since 1979

Dave Thomson

Missing Person Minnesota Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson also known as David Bird Thomson from Hopkins, Minn. has been missing since 1979.  Dave was last seen standing by Highway 7 and Williston Rd in Minnetonka with a back pack. Later in 1979, he worked very briefly in Denver CO and Casper WY.

Dave’s brother, Peter, has a very detail blog for his missing brother and he asked me to spread the word that his brother was missing, which I will gladly do, but you really need to go to the blog to learn more about Dave.  That is when you get a sense of who he is and he becomes more than just another person that is missing.

Dave Thomson
Dave Thomson

Finding Dave Blog

In August of 1978, Dave lost his brother Mike unexpectedly and then later his dog Buck was killed on the highway.  As Peter writes in his blog, Finding Dave, “Dave was last seen with a backpack hitchhiking west from Minnetonka MN July 1979. He left everything including his second novel. “The Solar Kid” which was ¾ finished.   He was suffering with grief, depression and mild delusions at the time.”

Peter goes on to tell about his many attempts to figure out where Dave was.  From a plot to get the Social Security administration to let them know where Dave was, to contacting 12 Canadian provinces to see if they had a John Doe, (8 answered) to different psychic’s to training search and rescue dogs, and being involved in the search for Brandon Swanson in 2008.

Peter writes that, “In June 2014 I started this web site. I am putting everything I know about Dave’s disappearance on it…I am not seeking justice any more just closure.   If you have any ideas or information about Dave please post them.” asks Peter.

Dave has a scar on his right elbow and was in a car accident in 1964 resulting in a fracture in his growth bone of left shoulder, foreshortening his left arm, serious left leg fracture resulting in his leg being 3/8 of an inch shorter and a subsequent diagnosis of scoliosis.  He wore a Ying and Yank necklace

Minnetonka Police, Detective Mark Stock at 952-939-8559 or the Montana DCI Investigator, John Strandell at 406-444-2759S.

You can also leave an anonymous tip here.

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