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Jake Heisinger: Missing from South Dakota Found

UPDATE:  10/29/14 – Jake’s body was found in a grain elevator in Brookings, police say.  A tip from an AgFirst employee led authorities to the grain bin Tuesday morning where an item belonging to Heisinger was found at the top of the bin.

Brookings Police Chief Jeff Miller told the Brooking Register that Jake had climbed a ladder to the top of the bin, and once inside he fell about 90 feet. A large amount of corn had been added to the bin after that time. Why he was in the grain bin is unknown.

There seems to be a lot left out of the story, because if it is known he had climbed the later, and I am assuming that information came from the tip from an AGFirst employee, then was it known he had also fell?  If an AgFirst employee saw him climbing the ladder, they should have known it was a dangerous situation and called the police.  We are left to wonder if the AgFirst employee left while Jake was climbing the ladder or if Jake told the employee he was going to do it but the employee never witnessed the act.   

Previous story:  Jacob Heisinger, 26, is missing from Brookings, South Dakota.  He was last seen on Oct. 23 leaving a bar.

A tip led the police to AG-First, a grain elevator company and they are in the process of emptying the bin.

Jacob is from Temecula, California and had been living in Brookings while he was taking classes at South Dakota State University. 

Jake was seen wearing a grey stocking hat, dark-colored pants with a black, white and red flannel shirt.

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