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Jane Doe: Police ask for help identifying a Jane Doe found in Louisiana

The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office in Benton, LA, is asking readers of MPofA to look at this photo of a Jane Doe from 1981.  A cold case that has been reopened in hopes of finding who this young woman is.  She is inbetween the ages of 15-20, white and 5’6″ tall and 125-135 pounds with blonde hair.  She was wearing blue jeans, Levi brand, size 32″x30″.  She had on a long-sleeve white button up shirt with a tan cardigan sweater.  Here white shoes were Deck “evonne Goolagong” brand that are sold at Sears.  She was also wearing a large metal “Buffalo Nickel” belt buckle.  
There is DNA available and dental records and it is believed that Jane had  braces at one time and may have even removed them herself.  
If you have time, you might want to search NAMUS for any matches or if you are from that location or no one in that location that might know about Jane, please share, although Jane could have come from anywhere, someone may remember talking with her back in the early 80’s late 70’s.
Please leave tips here or email me if you want to remain anonymous or call Detective Beckie Fohl at 318-965-2203 if you want to speak to the police directly.


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  1. Have you checked NamUs MP # 20169 Alice Reeves? I understand that Alice has brown hair & your mp is blonde, however the facial structure similarities are striking.

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