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Alexandra Greenwall: 10-year-old missing from New Mexico Found

UPDATE:  11/1/14 – Alexandra came home on her home on Saturday night, reports the police.  There is no further story at this time and more will probably come out tomorrow.

Previous story:  Alexandra Greenwall, 10, is missing from her Idaho Creek Road home in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Alexandra’s mom, Katherine “Catt” Greenwall Allen said she put her to bed on Wednesday night and when she got up in the morning she was gone.  The family which also includes step dad, Lyle Allen stated she changed out of her pajamas and put a set of clothes into her backpack and left through the back door.  Social media posted that she was seen by some teens at 6:40 AM, and they saw her throw her backpack, but nobody called the police at that time because they didn’t know she was missing around 6:40 a.m.  The family believes she ran away because her stuffed animals had been taken away as a punishment for misbehaving.

“She ran away this morning,” her mother, Catttold KOB News. “We had a fight yesterday; she was really upset and we think that she might be hiding somewhere. We think that she is in the area.”

One back pack was found near the home and they believe Alexandra has the other one.

Authorities have searched the neighborhood and for miles in every direction from her house.  Alexandra goes to Sandia Vista school and there has been no word if she went to school on Thursday or not.  There is a possibility that she could be heading to her stepfather, Arlo Harman’s house in Madrid, and speculation she may have used the Rail Runner, a train system that runs through Rio Rancho, but there have been no sightings of her by the employees.

Alexandra lives on Idaho Creed Rd. and the red spots are where registered sex offenders live.

In fact, there has been no sightings of her since early that Thursday morning, that I have found. A lone girl walking by herself at anytime of the day is something that would make an adult take pause and notice.  Not hearing of any other sightings could be because the police are letting no information out, or there just hasn’t been any reported. Also, most children love Halloween and picking out their costume and going trick or treating and for Alexandra to leave just before Halloween and for her not to show up at her father’s house by then makes me wonder.  I would think she would have appeared by Halloween either back home or at her dad’s house, so she could go trick or treating.

On social media there are lots of comments on this case:

“Good morning, everyone. I want to add some information about Alexandra here. She is a VERY bright person. She has been on serious camp outs with her parents and two younger siblings many times every year since she was an infant. She is smart, experienced, and very physically fit. She knows how to care for smaller children and knows how to camp. She may not have gone to someone’s house. She may have been determined to “live in the woods,” as she told her parents the day before she disappeared. And if any kid could do it, it would be her. Smart, deliberate, determined, practical, loving, and very experienced. That’s Alexandra. And all three of her parents (mom, dad, and step-dad) are beautiful, soulful, doting, loving people,” wrote Beth McCormack.

Alexandra is 61 pounds and is 4 feet and 5 inches tall and has dark hair and freckles.  She may be wearing pink tennis shoes.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call 505-891-7226.

2 thoughts on “Alexandra Greenwall: 10-year-old missing from New Mexico Found

  1. One person commented that anyone who believes a little girl could survive in the woods when it is this cold is an idiot, I take issue with. The little girl may believe it, which is where the danger comes from.
    Maybe they are handing out candy on Halloween to keep things normal as possible for their other kids. When you are a parent you cannot fall apart whenever you feel like it. Some people believe no news is good news.

  2. So happy she came home and is OK!!! She's a cute little girl and I bet a bit of a spitfire. That can be a GREAT thing if she gets a handle on it. So happy for the family!!

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