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Missing Person Wendy Kathlene Hudakoc Naples Florida November 15, 1998


Wendy Kathlene Hudakoc


  • Missing From the 2900 Block 50th Terrace SW, Naples, FL 34116
  • Date Missing November 15, 1998
  • Date of Birth August 12, 1984
  • Height 5’6 130 lbs
  • Eyes : Hazel eyes,
  • Skin: a light complexion, and a thin build.
  • Teeth: Braces on top and bottom teeth
  • Hair: Light brown, straight, shoulder-length hair.
  • Ears: Both Pierced left one has two piercings
  • Birthmark: Back of neck
  • Scar: Left hand
  • Wearing: a red, white and blue tank top and jeans the last time anyone saw her.

Wendy Hudakoc, was 14 years, when someone phoned Wendy at the family’s Golden Gate home around 11 p.m. on Nov. 14, 1998, on Saturday night. Her mother, Shelley, and stepfather, Dan Campbell, were in Tampa for the weekend. Her sister, Sharlene Hudakoc-Boyatt, then 16, was at home with a friend. Dan’s co-worker was staying with the three girls. “She took Dan Campbell’s pager and said to Sharlene, ‘If I get busted, call me right away and I’ll come right home.’” Sharlene, then a Naples High junior, decided not to go to the party.

What We Know

  1. Ron DePeppo was 20 years old at the Time
  2. Ron DePeppo was asked to leave the party as he was frowned upon
  3. Everyone at the party seen Wendy leave with Ron DePeppo
  4. The time they left was between 2:00 and 2:30am
  5. There was no communication with Wendy Hudakoc after Ron DePeppo and Wendy Left
  6. Ron DePeppo’s car caught fire December 1, 1989 Evidence was apparently destroyed
  7. Witnesses and family have taken and passed lie detector test
  8. Ron DePeppeo has refused to test
  9. Ron DePeppo’s parents hired him a attorney

*** Witnesses stated that Ron Deppeo and Wendy Hudakoc were the only two people in the vehicle

Witness Statements

Best Friend

  1. The only one responsible is the guy that she left with.
  2. He was creepy and I got a bad feeling from him.
  3. We all told him to take his hands out of his pants or leave.
  4. She didn’t make a phone call.
  5. She didn’t know anybody named Jeff that we hung out.
  6. I know the guy was lying.
  7. She had to go home cause she had snuck out
  8. She was my best friend.


Many theories, have crossed the mind and went on, we have not been able to identify a phone call being made from the pay phone as Donald had said, nor did the phone records show any page being made to Wendys father in-laws pager.

Story by Kenneth Rinderhagen

3000 Block of 50th St SW, Naples, FL 34116

Collier Sheriff Video “Case Files: Wendy Hudakoc”

Collier Sheriff Video “Case Files: Wendy Hudakoc”

4 thoughts on “Missing Person Wendy Kathlene Hudakoc Naples Florida November 15, 1998

  1. Ron knows where wendy is and what happened to her. he made my skin crawl. he had his hands in his pants the ENTIRE TIME. he disappeared in the bathroom for 30 min. I begged my boyfriend to make him leave. a little bit after she disappeared I was at my aunts beauty salon and his aunt worked there and proceeded to tell me “hes very religious now. he goes to church all the time now” So he was now hiding behind church which makes him look even guiltier. I am now 31 years old and this is still one of the most painful things I have ever gone threw. cause all of us who was there agree we know who did it and we cant do anything about it. I still wish we stopped her. she was going home cause she was scared of getting caught. I pray everyone involved can get closure and heal someday.
    thank you and my name is Anna Hofacre

  2. It's like he went thru a reprogramming camp of some sorts, and Ya Ron post lots of crap with religious scripts tied in… But nothing he posts pertains to religion read between the lines, most of what he posts, he only talks abt women as if they were a piece of meat..
    I have been looking for my biological father for abt 20 years, I met Kenny Ray on a fb page for Wendy who was also my friend and within a matter of hours he had me in contact with my birth fathers family, Kenny only wants to help and his intentions are only good.. Sometimes you can't see what stares one in the face, and an outsider can see what an insider refuses to let themselves see.

  3. It has been nice talking to each of you, I lot of great strengths in the care and support of Wendy. It is terrible that you all had to experience such a tragedy. While so much have been to prevent such tragedies they still exist. However, this situation is missing what took place between the time Wendy and Ron left until the time Ron returned home. I prayer and strive that Wendy will be found, all the better that she had been captured by Invisible aliens from mars and is in another galaxy.
    Hopefully we can keeping talking about, juggling the minds and memories and break the beerier as to what happened.
    I have been asking about spots were Ron and Wendy may have went secluded areas, as well as places Wendy might have went supposing she was dropped off, such a fort or hideout.
    Thoughts of the predictability of being able to walk a distance amongst the terrain and wildlife, alligators, crocks and other threats.
    Has not been any conclusions

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