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Is Charles Ray Hicks responsible for the disappearance of these 7 missing Fort Worth women?

Charles Ray Hicks, Jr. who was found guilty of killing a Pennsylvania woman in 2008, admitted that he had killed before, after he received a guilty verdict on Thursday.  He has been sentenced to death.

Deanna Null

The prosecution argued that Hicks decapitating and dismembering Deanna Null of Scranton before throwing her remains on the side of a Pennsylvania freeway.  Hicks stated that Null had died of a drug overdose first and because he was afraid of being arrested for drug use he never reported her death and decided to dispose of her body.  The jurors agreed with the prosecution and he will be sentenced later this month.

After Hicks was found guilty, Monroe County First Assistant DA Michael Mancuso told the media that Hicks told him that he had also killed five other women in the Ft. Worth, Texas area before he moved to the Poconos.  Hicks lived in Burleson before moving to Coolbaugh Twp., Penn.

This shocking news has everyone wondering who those five women could be. Mancuso believed that what Hicks was saying could be true and further investigation needed to be done.

When the information came out, the Monroe County district attorney’s office considered dropping the death penalty against Hicks in exchange for information on those murders he’s suspected of committing, but he failed to provide sufficient information to seal the deal, a county detective told the Times-Tribune.

“There was an offer made that, if he disclosed what happened in our case here and provided information — he’s been a suspect in Texas for some time — then there would be talk of removing the death penalty from the cases,” Detective Serfass said. “He didn’t give complete information and believable information.”

So, now we are left wondering if Hicks was telling the truth.

Because Hicks stated that the murders happened in Ft. Worth I concentrated my efforts in that area.

At first look I found these three women.

Elsha Marie Rivera missing since Feb 1, 2004
Sonia Ronquillo missing since Dec 12. 2004
Glenda Gail Furch, Sept. 27, 2007 – Man was found guilty for murder.
With help from my friends on MPofA on Facebook I was able to come up with a list of women that have been missing and you probably have never heard of any of them before now.

Melinda L. Schmidt, age 44, was last heard from on October 27, 2007 from Ft. Worth, Texas. She has not been seen or heard from since.

 Faith Mwaura, 25, went missing in 2002 from Fort Worth, Texas.

Janice Faye Benson was 37 when she went missing on Feb. 4, 2000 from Fort Worth, Texas.

Vannita Mayberry, was 30 years old when she went missing on March 5, 1997.  Although she lived in Saginaw she was last seen in Ft. Worth in a diner.

Melissa Crabill
, was 30 years old when she was last seen on April 1, 1995 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Felecia Johnson, was 22 when she was last seen on Feb. 3, 1994 in Fort Worth, Texas.

 Christina Chandler, AKA: Chrystal Chandler, Chris Zeger, Chrissy Chandler was 29 when she was last seen on Sept. 30, 1990 in Fort Worth, Texas.

So, if Charles Hicks is telling the truth, anyone of these above women could be one of his victims.  That is, if he is telling the truth.


Scott Bender Missing Person from Florida

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