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Malik Drummond: 2-year-old missing from Arkansas

Malik Drummond
UPDATE 5/27/2016 – Jeff Clifton, 43, pleaded has pleaded no contest in the beating death of Malik.  He will  serve 40 years in prison for second degree murder and abuse of a corpse.  WREG outlines the whole scenario.  Lesley Sue Marcotte who was sentenced in July and was convicted of lying to protect her boyfriend was released from prison after serving four months.

UPDATE:  12/2/15 – Remains have been found in Jackson County, 50 miles northeast of Little Rock. The remains have been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for final identification, but police believe they found the body of Malik Drummond

UPDATE:  12/2/15 – Jeffery Leroy Clifton was arrested late Tuesday night and is charged with capital murder and abuse of a corpse in the missing Malik Drummond case.  Jefferey is the father of Malik.

UPDATE:  9/14/15 – The foot of a toddler has been found in a lagoon in Garfield Park in Detroit.  Divers found the child’s head, hand and another foot.  The child has been identified as an African-American toddler, likely 2-3 years old. Police are using DNA to see if they can identify the remains.  There is some speculation it could be Malik, but are theories at this point. The foot has been identified.

UPDATE:  11/27/14 –  New information has come about concerning Malik by the police, “While the search goes on for Malik, we’d like to clear up what’s been previously reported. We at the PD we told by certain family, as was the media, that Malik has autism. The facts are he’s a 2-year-old child and has never been tested for autism.”  Other than this, not much more has been said about the case.  We can only assume that the police have contacted all registered child offenders in the near area.  Also, nothing has been said regarding the polygraphs that were taken in regard as anything was inconclusive.  Usually, by now someone speaks out whether someone failed the test or it was inconclusive, but I have not seen anything regarding this.

Jefferey Clifton

Previous story:

An Amber Alert has been activated for Malik Drummond, 2, from Searcy, Arkansas.

Malik was last seen in his bedroom around 5:45 p.m. on Sunday on the 700 block of West Park Avenue.

At first the police thought that Malik, who is autistic walked away from his home leaving behind his dad who was napping and his stepmom who was in the shower and his twin sister, Aryanna.

Tanya, Malik’s mother took Aryanna to the Children’s Safety to see if they could get Aryanna to say if she knew what happened to Malik, but she would not speak, John Clifton, her grandfather told KATV news.

Dogs began searching for Malik that evening but they were not able to track him and police stated there is no water near where the boy lives other for some creeks and they were all checked. On the sixth day it was released that divers had been brought in to check again.

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