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More young men missing from San Francisco – Count goes up to 22 since 2010, 32 since 2003

A year ago this month I posted a story about 16 men missing from San Francisco.  I first began to notice it when Sean Sidi went missing in May 2013, after posted that Chrishtian Hughes went missing in February.  I also found that Shawn Dickerson was missing, and Cameron Remmer was missing, and I ended up with a story about 5 missing men.

Please note in that story I wrote, ” What I found interesting was that the San Francisco Police Department states: “The San Francisco Police Department will investigate all persons reported missing until the person is found or determined to be a voluntarily missing adult.” – The initial 16 men were all listed voluntary missing.  – What that means is no effort or money is put out to actively go looking for them and they are waiting for them to reappear on their own.

If you look at the list below you will see that most of them are classified as voluntarily missing.

Their names were not too hard to find as the media had picked up their stories and their family’s were spreading the word about them, but just like the Missing Texas Forty case. I had to do some digging to find that there were even more men missing from that area, and just like the Missing Texas Forty case that information was spread all over.  When I was done I ended up with a list of 16 with ages ranging from 19 to 29 and it started from 2010 to 2013, when I posted the story.  My focus was not on females or people outside that specific time period, because my thinking was that there may have been a serial killer in the area, and from what I have been told they tend to stick to a particular type.  So, subsequently I concentrated on a male young age group.

These same young men are still missing.

Anne Gavin, who I met through MPofA and was championing the cause to bring attention to three missing men in San Francisco, read my story on the missing Frisco Five that later turned into the newer story on the other 11.

Now Anne has come up with a very extensive list of missing “Missing Males in San Francisco, California 2003-2014”

She has also included links to photos and more information.  This list was a lot of hard work as there is no place you can go to on the internet and find a list of all the missing from one area, as there are no standards on posting or spreading the information by authorities on missing people.

John Gaines-Missing 2014

Add to the fact that working on a list of who is missing and who is not is a full time job to maintain in one city let alone all over the United States.

But at this writing, this list that Anne made is about as current as it can be and I predict it will probably continue to stay current for a long time, just like the Missing Texas Forty list that after several years still shows the same people missing.

Anne has also found that the list of missing men has continued past 2013.

My last entry in 2013 was November and in December another young man goes missing.

Matthew D Naaf  Disappearance: Dec 26, 2013. DOB Feb 21, 1990.

Now in 2014, Anne has found five more young men that have gone missing, bringing the list from 16 to 22 for the time period of 2010 to 2014.

John Gaines Disappearance June 11, 2014

Kody  Aitogi Disappearance July 14, 2014

Jesus Urias Disapperance March 3, 2014

William Richardson Disappearance Sept. 7, 2014

Joseph Whatley Disappearance Sept. 8, 2014

Side Note:  I was putting down a map of where everyone was going missing from, but a reader brought it to my attention that San Francisco is not that large and putting down the distance of where these young men went missing really doesn’t matter because the city is not that big.  

Per the comment posted below:  “…due to the fact that SF is a very small city of only 49 square miles, which means, of course, that it’s really only 7 miles N/S x 7 miles E/W. So when you talk about one person disappearing 5 miles away from another one disappearing that means they’re disappearing from all different areas of the city. It’s a bit misleading and location seems to not be a factor.”

My response:  I appreciate your clarification and I think it is an important distinction. I have left that info in, but know that I am aware of this particular information now, and thank you for bringing that to my attention.- jd

So, as we do not know if these cases are related or if so how far back it goes, Anne has produced a list from 2003 to the present:


Kody Aitogi-Missing 2014

Deyvin Medina  Disappearance: Sept 2, 2003.  Age at the time: 17. (Namus#10172). Hispanic. DOB May 12, 1986.

Wallace Richards Disappearance: Nov 10, 2005. (Namus#5276). African American. Resided in Berkeley. Age at the time: 23. Last seen dropping off a friend, at her work, at Larry Flint’s Hustler Club on Kearney St.

Shawn Farzad Attaie  Disappearance: March 29, 2006. Likely a drowning, after a night out with a friend.  He was visiting friends.

Joseph Booth-Metwally  Namus#5864  Bi-Racial. Disappearance: Dec 14, 2006 at 7:50am 2900 block Pacific Ave. Age then: 17 DOB May 26, 1989

Matthew Naaf
Missing 2013

Joshua Scott  Disappearance: April 11, 2007. Age at time: 22. DOB Dec 28, 1984. Few details available.

Jason Ryan  Namus#7074  (age now:33)  Disappearance: Sept 12, 2008 DOB Sept 11, 1981.

Jesus Urias-Missing 2014

Fernando Rodriquez (Charley Project) Disappearance: Sept 15, 2008. DOB Sept 24, 1986.  Hispanic male.

Devon Lopez Disappearance: Aug 7, 2009. Suspected suicide off GG Bridge.

Hector Madrid Guardado ( Disappearance: Oct 5, 2009. Last seen in South San Francisco.

Next entry is older than rest of the sample, but being added.

Mark Marvin  Disappearance: Oct 9, 2009. Age at time: 38. Vehicle was located. Last seen at 21:39. DOB Jan 25, 1972. (DOJ states Mark was last seen on October 6, 2011, in San Francisco. So discrepancy on missing date).

Most of these names below are on the above poster, but if they are in blue they are a brand new addition, and were left out because they were over the age of 29.

William Richardson
Missing 2014

Jackson Miller (Charley Project) Disappearance: May 15, 2010  DOB June 19, 1990. He was taking medical marijuana & anti depressants. Last seen at a bus stop near GG bridge but no record of any jumpers that day.

Edmond Tom  Disappearance: March 18, 2011. Asian. DOB March 18, 1988.

Maurice James  Disappearance: July 31, 2011 DOB Aug 29, 1981.

Paresh Jain  Disappearance: Sept 14, 2011 Suicide believed off GG Bridge. (DOB June 1, 1986). Bi-racial.
Alas, more jumpers

Cameron Remmer  (Charley Project & Namus#12843) Disappearance: Oct 6, 2011.He was in SF on business from southern CA.

Mark Marvin (Namus#12566)  Disappearance: Oct  9, 2011

Shawn Dickerson (Namus#15177) Disappearance: Dec 2, 2011. Shawn had been fired from job day before he disappeared, took photos of Chinatown, going down slide, his lunch, the bridge, then posted on FB page (unusual for him, his mom told me). Believed he was suffering from Asbegers syndrome, but no diagnosis.

Missing 2014

Disappearance of 23-Year-Old Remains a Mystery

Miquel Allende Disappearance: Dec 18, 2011. Age at the time: 35.  Suffering from a brain injury & seizures.  – Left out of poster because age was older than 20’s.

Nathan Schemwell Disappearance: Jan 19, 2012. (Charley Project).

Royale Foote  Disappearance: Jan 22, 2012 (Namus#15324). African American. Last seen leaving his father’s home.

17-Year-Old Boy Reported Missing Since Last Month

Another older male that was not on the poster:
John Drohan  Disappearance; June 6, 2012. (DOB 1973)

Allen Dickerson.  Disappearance: June 6, 2012.

Hector Maldonaldo  Disappearance: June 14, 2012.
See Missing of America’s article link.

Raphael Castro  Disappearance: June 26, 2012.

Felictos Vasquez  Disappearance: Sept 5, 2012. Hispanic. DOB Jan 13, 1981.

Patrick Tanouye  Disappearance: Sept 28, 2012 (Namus#17820) South Pacific or Asian. DOB June 14, 1982.

Crishtian Michael Hughes  Disappearance: Feb 7, 2013. Last seen at 962 Capitol Ave at 12:30am, night before he was to return home to San Diego. Age at the time: 20. (Namus#19238) DOB Sept 24 1992

Roland Nguyen  Disappearance: April 12, 2013.  DOB April 12, 1992.
See Missing Persons of America article.

David Thompson  Disappearance: May 14, 2013. African American. DOB Sept 30, 1994.

Sean Sidi  Disappearance: May 21, 2013. Suffering from TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) when he disappeared. Age at the time: 19. See group links below.

Beau Rasmussen Disappearance: May 19, 2013. Believed drowned after annual Breaker’s event. Age at the time: 27.
100s Search For Missing Emeryville Man Last Seen At Bay To Breakers

LOCATED – But was put on the missing list of men and has since been removed:  Paulo Netto  Disappearance: Oct 28, 2013. Age at the time: 22. Brazilian student called his sister, saying he is in danger.”Police traced those phone calls to the 500 block of Shotwell  Street in the city’s Mission District”. His body washed up in

Christopher Milmoe contacted me and said he was not missing.

If you know of a young man below the age of 30 that is missing from the San Francisco area and is not on this list, please let us know.


Families Organize to Find Missing Sons

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