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Naomi Sifuentes Found Safe Dec.09.2014

*** Found Safe ***

Naomi Sifuentes

13 Years Old

Naomi Sifuentes has returned home safely; Thank You
Naomi Sifuentes has been missing since Wednesday December 3, 2014. She was dropped off at Bus stop in Moreno Valley CA and arrived at Val Verde school in Perris Ca. However, Naomi never returned home after school Wednesday December 3, 2014. she’s 13 years old if anyone has seen her please call her dads cell 951-269-0060 or the local police department
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Contact: Riverside Police Department at (951)776-1099
Private Investigator Denise Savastano at (951) 544-5180

Val Verde School in Perris CA

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  1. She found her way back home safely. This website has way to much junk on it. More is not better…Google maps, really??? I won't be visiting here anymore…It gives me a headache from visual over-stimulation.

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