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Jason John DeAlba: Mom searching for her son that may be homeless in San Diego Found

UPDATE 11/1/15 – In November Jason was taken to Illinois where he is getting the care he needs and spending a lot of time with his mom.

UPDATE:  Jason was located by his mom in San Diego after he was picked up by the police.  He was taken to a facility for a mental health evaluation and care.

New Facebook page for Jason

Jason John DeAlba was last seen in San Diego County.

Jason’s mother, Kathleen is desperately searching for her son and is asking for help in locating him. The last known location is in San Diego and judging by the video’s that he posted in 2013, he probably was around the Point Loma area and the Dusty Rhodes park and the skate park and the Mission Beach and or Pacific Beach area.  He probably is homeless, so if you see a homeless person that you think may be Jason please take a photo and send it to us and let us know where you saw him.

 Kathleen has written the following:

“Jason had a few relationships that did not work out, that may have contributed to his situation and also Jason is bipolar and currently off of his medications.  When I realized that Jason was not taking his medications I had him placed in a hospital for a mental health evaluation (Feb 2013).  Hoping that Jason would get back on his medications and get back to his normal logical self.  He refused all of the medications and the doctor said that he could do nothing and released him.  Jason took off in his car, which broke down in Iowa and he then went to California.  I was only able to find this from his credit card bill, that come to the house to retrace his steps.  (He no longer has any credit, and collections are after him but this is not important)  Jason did have a smart phone, but he refused to talk to me since he was ill and decided that I was not his mother and that I adopted him (which is untrue, but he is not on his medication).  He no longer has a cell phone. 
He use to make YouTube video’s in California under “Jason DeAlba” on Ti Chi, but his last one is dated December 2013.  Many others have his name in California.  Here are some of the names of his videos. You might recognize the location in the background of his videos and see how he looks now.”
  • White Crane Chi Kung (Endocrine System)

    Other videos that have clues to his location:
  • Rigamundous
  • Ulaw Rig
  • old school kung fu – self discipline – understanding – survival (bleachers in a park)
  • I WAY JASON it is a chapter EL GAY LEOPARD (address listed on the building, in the background)
  • There are many more video’s than the one that I have listed, the background have palm trees
It will be 2 years this February that he has been missing and over a year ago since his last posted video.  Kathleen filed a missing person report  when he left home which the police here said they would make it only because he was off of his medication.  The San Diego Harbor police stopped him August 2013 and Jason told them that he was not missing, and the police stopped the missing person report. 

Kathleen says that she has called the SD Police, SD medical examiner (helpful), the FBI, homeless shelters, other health departments (not helpful) in SD but with no results.

So, dear readers we know that Jason was in the San Diego area up till at least August 2013, but since he has not posted anymore videos we are not sure where he is.  But, more than anything Kathleen would like her son to know that she loves him and he has a home in Illinois to come to.  She does not know how to tell her son this information and is depending on us to let him know if we come across him.  So, during your travels if you walk across his path, take a photo, or let him know his mom has left a message here or at least tell him that his mom misses him and sure would like him to get in contact with her.  And if he seems agreeable at all, please give him some money so he can make that phone call.

Thank you all!

  • Jason John DeAlba
  • Height 5’ 8.5”
  • Weight 210 (?)
  • DOB 4-11-77 (37 Years Old)
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: dark blonde
  • Tattoo’s 2 dragons on his stomach, many colors
  • Tattoo on his back between his shoulder blades tribal piece (upside down triangle)
  • Jason has no car and no cell phone
  • believe he is living on the street, homeless in San Diego

7 thoughts on “Jason John DeAlba: Mom searching for her son that may be homeless in San Diego Found

  1. Make a Facebook page so we can spread it worldwide. Or please look me up under Grateful doe…a page I run and I can see if any search angels can help you

  2. Thank you for the wonderful suggestion Lesha. I will definitely create a separate Facebook page for Jason. If I have any problems when I create it on Friday I will be contacting you for assistance. Your suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  3. For anyone who is reading Jason's Missing Person page, in case you are not aware of it “Missing Persons of America” also has a Facebook page. Please share from their site also. Thank you and God bless everyone who is assisting and sharing. May an army of angels be surrounding and protecting my lost son (he is like a lost lamb that is away from his flock and does not know how to return).

  4. Please see
    separate public Facebook page for Jason
    Please share with your friends everywhere since it will only take one person that may see him doing Tai Chi in a park someplace. He can be in any state now or still in California.
    Please contact me through this FB page is you have any sightings. If you are not sure you can always send me a photo of this person. Thank you be for being one of my many angels that are helping me find my son, Jason.

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