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Carl and Theresa Tarantino: Senior’s missing from Orange County Found

The Tarantino’s – best picture available at this time

UPDAE:  12/22/14 – The Tarantino’s were found Monday in Las Vegas and are safe and well, officials said.  They ended up at the Diamond Inn Motel, Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said.

An employee who was checking them in became concerned because they seemed confused.   So she found a phone number for the family in Theresa’s purse and called them and found out they were missing.  The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, verified that the couple was the Tarantinos.

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Attention to those in the LA, San Diego, Orange and Riverside County areas.  We have a missing senior couple. Carl and Theresa Tarantino, both in their 80s are probably driving around in their four door purple Honda Accord with California plates 5GMB136.

This is not their car, but looks similar to this

Carl and Theresa live in Laguna Woods and were last seen at their home on Friday, but now they are not and their car is missing.  They do not have a cell phone and know one knows where they may be.

They both have cognitive issues and may be driving around lost or even parked somewhere not sure where to go.  Please keep in mind that many seniors will not ask for help and will wander or drive until they run out of gas or their vehicle gets stuck.   Although, there are cases where they will get gas and continue to drive. 

So please keep your eye out for their vehicle that could be anywhere and take a photo with your phone and let the police know at 714-647-7055, where you spotted them.

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