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Ryles Chapman: Missing since December 2013 from Alabama

Missing Person Alabama Ryles Chapman

Ryles Chapman went missing on December 18, 2013 from the Bocage area of Dothan, Alabama.

I have copied the following from the “Find Ryles Chapman” website:

“On December 17, 2013, Ryles was hanging Christmas lights on his family’s Dothan home, who would have ever thought in 24 hours our lives would be changed forever!  Our beloved son would disappear and the entire community would be forever changed. On December 18, 2013 @ approx. 7:15pm Ryles ran from his bedroom barefooted dressed only in shorts yelling that someone was chasing him; he has not been seen since in a proven sighting.  However, there have been numerous reports that he’s in the Dothan, AL area.  So far, there is no verifiable video or picture.  The local police department, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI canine team have all been searching.  We have had four organized ground searches, several press conferences, helicopter searches and prayer vigils.

Our FB page is findryleschapman which has over 10,000 followers all with one goal, to find Ryles.  We are in southeast Alabama only two hours from Panama City, Fl. and four hours from Atlanta Ga.  Ryles has two brothers, a sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so many friends who miss him so much.  Also, follow us on twitter @ #findryles.

ryles chapman
ryles chapman

Ryles turned 26 on June 30, 2014, he has blue eyes and brown hair.  He has various tattoos on his back, chest, side and forearm.  He is approximately 6 ft and weighs 180 lbs. Ryles has 2 children ages 2 & 9 months.



December 18, 2013–7:15pm, Ryles ran from his family home (where he lived) 219 Asphodel

December 18, 2013–approx. 8:00 he was seen at the entrance of Bocage Subdivision on 84 w, Dothan, Al.

December 20, 2013–missing persons filed with Dothan Police Department

January 2014– several sightings in Downtown Dothan, no positive identification, search parties friends and family every Saturday & Sunday in Dothan” area, helicopter searches 84 west, canine searches 84 west & compass lake florida

February 2014–Billboards in Dothan
March 2014–Billboards in Panama City, Fl during spring break

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