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Day: December 22, 2014

Hannah Thomas Garner: Found

UPDATE 3/9/15 – Hannah has been found safe. With her hair styled differently and shaved on one side and then dyed much darker, Hannah talks candidly about her running away and said she was surprised so many people would become so invested in her life and trying to find her.  She admits in this video […]

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Jassiah Clark: 4-year-old disappears from Baton Rouge neighborhood Found

UPDATE 12/23/14 – The cause of death of Jassiah has been ruled accidental from drowning and hypothermia.  The hole that Jassiah fell into was an old water pump station belonging to the city.  When city workers showed up they had to drain the water out of the hole before they could retrieve Jassiah’s body.  Afterwards, […]

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