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Samantha Delgado: Teen missing from Florida and family fears she was abducted FOUND

Samantha Delgado

UPDATE 1/15/15 – Miami-Dade police said Samantha and Fabel Escalante, 20, were stopped in a stolen vehicle in New York City.  Initially her parents thought she had been kidnapped by Escalante but now that seems to not be the case.

Original story:  A warrant was issued today for a man who authorities believe is with a missing teen.

Samantha Delgado, 16, from Coral Gables, Fla. has been missing since December 19.  She was last seen at Coral Gable Senior High School when she was dropped off for school.  When her mom went to pick her up she didn’t show up so she went to the school to look for her and she could not be found.

Family and friends believe that Samantha is being held against her will by their former next door neighbor, Fabel Gin Escalante that Samanatha had a casual relationship with, but now as of Sunday the are leaning towards the fact that Samantha may be willing with him and they are hiding together.

“Basically, I guess they exchanged numbers and he started talking to her about how pretty she was.  After a while she ended things and he wasn’t too happy about it,” Dede Delgado, Samantha’s cousin told Local 10 news.

Escalante allegedly threatened Samantha and said he would kill himself and her if she was with anyone else.

Police say Escalante has a criminal record of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Escalante’s father spoke with CBS Miami and said that he didn’t know his son was dating Delgado, but he believes that probably ran away together.

Private Investigator said the dad doesn’t agree with the relationship, but he stated, “because of the love, please come back,” and they will not press charges towards Escalante.

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