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Update Found Bio Parents Abduct 15-month-old girl Moreno Valley FOUND

Update:Las Vegas Police Located missing Leomiti-Reed, Teuila, and Biological family. 15 month Old Leomiti-Reed, Teulia has been placed with Child Protective Services while awaiting transfer back to Custodian Parents.

Original: Teulia Leomiti-Reed, 15- month old child is, believed to be, abducted, by her biological parents, On Wednesday December 31, 2014 at 9:30 a.m., from 2400 block of Horton Court, Moreno Valley.
Nathan Reed and Sadie Leomiti are possible in Las Vegas.
Teulia Reed is Brown hair, Brown eyes mixed race Samoan and Black
Sadie Leomiti is 19years, Black hair, Brown eyes,
5 feet 8 inches, and 240 lbs.
She has two tattoos of flowers on her shoulder and chest

Please Contact: 951-776-1099 Riverside County Sheriff’s Department with Any information
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