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Eliza Delacruz: 3-week-old baby missing from Long Beach Found

UPDATE 1/5/14 – The baby found in the dumpster has been confirmed to be Eliza.  The police are searching for the suspect, but my guess he is probably already in Mexico by now.  I also think that he probably was planning on taking the baby with him to Mexico, judging by the route he was taking, and when he realized the police knew about the shooting he would not be able to cross the border with Eliza without the border patrol checking every baby that was going into Mexico.   Instead of leaving this sweet child at a church or even a doorstep, the unknown man ruthlessly throws her in a dumpster. 

Although no suspect has been named I am sure the police are doing what they can to find this person and even know who it is.  The family says they are afraid of retaliation and that the man or someone else will come back, and are not talking with the media.

Breaking news:  A deceased baby has been located in a dumpster in San Diego. Long Beach police are driving down to the location to see if it is Eliza.

Around 7:30 p.m., the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Homicide team stated in a news released that Detectives are investigating the death of an unknown female infant in the 600 block of Palm Avenue in the city of Imperial Beach, which is located in South San Diego County.  .

The release stated:  “On January 4, 2015, at about 1:25 p.m., deputies received a radio call of a deceased baby in a dumpster in the alleyway. When deputies arrived, they located the baby who was deceased.”

The baby was found in the dumpster near the Giant Pizza King by a transient. 

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Please keep on the lookout for a 3-week-old baby from California.

Eliza Delacruz, who is 10 pounds was found missing when the Long Beach police came to her home and found her mother, father and uncle had been shot.  One victim has been released, but the other two are in the hospital and are in critical condition. 

The police are looking for an adult male who they believe took little Eliza.

If you know of anyone who has brought home a baby and it seems suspicious, please call the police. 

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