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Grateful Doe and Jason Callahan: Are they the same person? YES!! Found

Posted Dec. 9, 2015 by the Grateful Doe Facebook page

“UPDATE: THE NEWS WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!! The dna results are back that our Greatful doe is infact Jason Callahan missing since 1995. Iv been sitting here for how long in shock both for the sadness of his family and the fact that here on Facebook we are making a difference. Because of everyone here this man will finally make his way home!!!”

Original story.  This 2012 photo of a young man that died in a car crash in Virginia in June 1995, has been getting a lot of attention recently as someone has noticed the similarities between him and missing Jason Callahan originally noticed by a NAMUS volunteer “greymetal”.

Jason has not been heard from since 1995 and was thought to have gone off to follow the band The Grateful Dead. 

On June 26, 1995, two men who died in a car crash were found in Emporia, Virg.  The Volkswagon van had gone off the road and struck some trees.  Both were ejected from the van.

In 2012, authorities reconstructed his face and released the photos as a John Doe, but later he was given the nickname Grateful Doe because he was wearing a Grateful Dead shirt and had Grateful Dead concert ticket stubs in his pocket.  There also was a note in his pocket written to him and signed by Caroline. 

Jason Callahan and Grateful Doe

There was also clues like a homemade tattoo of a five point star on his upper left arm.  His left ear was pierced.  He was between the ages of 16-25 and was 5’8″ tall and around 169 pounds with brown eyes and light brown or dirty blond hair that was dyed red.

His identity was a mystery, but he was not forgotten as volunteers tried to figure out who he was.  Specifically, a volunteer known as greymetal shared a flyer on Imgur which subsequently went viral in the last week of 2014.

Two men recognized the photo as someone they knew as Jason that they were roommates with, but no one knew his last name at that point.  The name also matched  the name on a note found in Doe’s pocket in 1995.

Meanwhile, Jason who went missing back in 1995 from Myrtle Beach, was reported missing by his mom, Margaretta Evans on Jan. 2015.  Yes, 2015. We have heard rumors that a friend of the mom insisted she file a report.   Maybe that friend also suspected that Grateful Doe and Jason might be the same person. 

Social media noticed that there were a lot of similarities between Grateful Doe and Jason and now that Jason had a last name, the authorities were able to go further with the case.  DNA testing is being done. 

8 thoughts on “Grateful Doe and Jason Callahan: Are they the same person? YES!! Found

  1. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that too. She may have been in complete denial…I read somewhere that he had run away before. I get the sense there were family problems…

  2. If your going to write a article you should probably make sure you have the correct facts!! The accident happend June 26 1995. And the mother came forward saying it was her son and she believed he was alive and well just living his own life.

  3. Ok guys- Many times, if a person leaves on their own, with no destination stated and they are an adult or almost an adult, the PD will NOT take the report. Especially way back when. They have to have the place he disappeared from and since he left willingly and didn't disappear, they would not take her report. Kenneth- up until this week, one man was positively ID'd- the other has not had an identity for 20 years- that is who we believe Jason to be. Anyway- If this story baffles you or you don't believe PD will not take reports (many people have argued- but I have been backed by PD and Missing persons advocates that KNOW the ins and outs), then look up Suzanne Maree Sevakis (or Sevakig- reports differ). She was also a Jane Doe. Stolen at age 6 by her “stepdad” while the mom was in jail and the mom tried to report her missing and PD wouldn't take it as back then, as a stepdad had rights to take her. He raised her as his own in a terrible life, ended up marrying her (yes you read that right) and it was suspected she was pregnant with his child at one time (she was pregnant a total of three times). She died- he was a suspect in her death. The man that took her was eventually arrested and he refused to tell where he got the girl for MANY YEARS. It was a total mystery until recently. Jason's mother truly believed he was out there and didn't want contact with anyone due to his lifestyle. She isn't a bad mom- she's been through A LOT. Her daughter passed from cancer at age 30- and I believe she is raising the kids from her daughter. I'm sorry but I can't let anyone bash her right now because I know all the hurdles she faced.

  4. It has been heartwarming to see this young man's cause taken up and pushed forward. He has been alone much too long. If the DNA proves to be Jason's it will certainly be a bittersweet revelation for his family especially if they believed he was alive. My thoughts and prayers are with them and hope they don't have to wait much longer for news of the test results.

  5. Please give credit to Reddit by name. This wouldn't have been solved if it weren't for the users on Reddit.

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