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Jack “Jason” Morgan: Teen missing from San Diego since 1999

Here we go again with another messed up cold case in San Diego.  Evidently the report went missing around 1999, and the case was closed, per the Jason Morgan Facebook page.  Then Officer Catherine Millett re-opened the case before she retired.  Sorry, I don’t know what year that is, but probably around 2013.

Jack “Jason” Duane Morgan was 15-years-old when he was last seen in December 1996 at 2203 Haniman Drive in San Diego, Calif.

Age-progression photo of Jason

The detective currently assigned to the case is Maura Mekenas Parga.  Yes, the same Detective Parga that told Robin Burton in a rant she left on Robin’s answering machine  that she was the “only” detective for the whole city of San Diego.  Click here to read Robin’s story about dealing with the San Diego Police Dept. and then go to the bottom of that story to hear the message left on the tape from assumingly Det. Parga.

Jason has a Facebook page run by his aunt.  Take a second to stop by and show support by “Liking” the page.

If you recognize anyone of these two photos, please phone in a tip or go by his Facebook page and tell his aunt, or just let me know and I’ll pass the information and you can remain anonymous.

The case number with  NamUs is #19675.

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