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Robert Cox: Man who could not lift his head disappears from Arkansas

UPDATE 3/29/16 – Robert is still missing.  On his Facebook page is posted the following:

I know my cousin has been missing for a long time but if people can from time to time review his picture and maybe recognize him . It seems like the sheriff Dept has forgot about this case in their county or just not willing to get off their butts and investigate this case more. His wife re-married shortly after his disappearance which should be a real eye opener to any law enforcement or investigator. I would like this to air on Dateline or 48 hours so the whole world can see the facts and the truth so his dad and sister can rest knowing where or what happened to their precious brother and son. If their is any foul play bring this person to justice who is living a new life as if nothing happened. Does anybody know how I can get a hold of an investigative live program so there can be a reenactment of the day he went missing within 5 min. We all pay taxes and need to know why are hard tax dollars aren’t being put to work.

Mysteriously Disappears from his own home!! Been missing 3 years and 5 months !! Still unsolved !! We need answers !! easy resolve and Law enforcement needs to do there JOB!!!!

Original story: Robert Wayne Cox has been missing from Havana, Ark. since Feb. 19, 2011.  HE was last seen near his home.  He is not able to speak and his chin rests on his chest and he is not able to lift his head up.   Robert’s Facebook page.

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