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Christine Lee Boggio Missing since May 30 1993 from Vallejo CA

christine boogio

 Missing Person California Christine Boggio

Christine Boggio was 26 years old, when she was last heard from on May 30, 1993, parents, family, and friends frantically searched for Christine, as they were aware she was in Vallejo, California, working with the Renaissance Pleasure Fair, and living with a person named Conn Maclir. All the Boggio family was told, is that, Christine went to the store and never returned. Conn Maclir had told Christine’s mother Linda to come get her things or he is taking it all to theGoodwill. When Linda arrived to get Christine’s things there was only a small box of nick knacks, a poem book, few odds and ends and her sewing machine. There were no keys, no clothes, and no driver’s license or other identification.
  • Christine Lee Boggio
  • Last known is May 30, 1993, from Vallejo CA
  • Born February 28, 1967
  • 5 feet 3 inches Brown hair brown hazel eyes
  • Mother Linda Boggio
  • Case # 93-12118

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